Needham family genealogy

Arms: Ar. a bend engr. az, betw. two bucks' heads cabossed sa. attired ar. Crest: A phoenix in flames ppr., etc.

MACNIADH, who is No. 58 on the "Line of Ithe," was the ancestor of O'Niadh or O'Neidhe Uaithne (or O'Niadh of the barony of Owney in Tipperary); anglicised Needham, Neville, and Macnie.

58. MacNiadh ("niadh:" Irish, a mighty man, or champion: son of Lughaidh or Luy; a quo O'Niadh or O'Neidhe.

59. Fothach Argthach: his son.

60. Fachtna: his son.

61. Dallan: his son.

62. Feargus: his son.

63. Maccaille: his son

64. Laisre: his son.

65. Natfraoch: his son.

66. Fionnan: his son.

67. Toman: his son.

68. Fothach: his son.

69. Dongalach: his son.