Coffey family genealogy

Of Munster

This family were dynasts or chief lords of that portion of the ancient territory of Corca Luighe,[1] now called Barryroe-east, and Barryroe-west, in the county Cork. In Irish the family name is O'Cobhthaigh; anglicised O'Coffey, O'Cowhig, and, more lately, Coffey, Coffy, and Coffee.

74. Donoch Mór; son of Cobthach Fionn, who is No. 73 on "The Line of Ithe," ante.

75. Donall Mór: his son.

76. Maccraith: his son.

77. Conchobar (or Conor): his son.

78. Maghnus (or Maighneas): his son.

79. Conor (2): his son.

80. Maithan Dall: his son.

81. Cobthach (2): his son.

82. Dermod: his son.

83. Fergal: his son.

84. Donoch: his son.

85. Aodh (or Hugh): his son.

86. Maghnus (2): his son.

87. Conor (3): his son.

88. Niocholl: his son.

89. Walter: his son.

90. Cobtach (3): his son.

91. Teige: his son; had a brother named Niocholl, who was the ancestor of MacNicol.

92. Olioll(3): son of Teige.

93. Dermod (2): his son.

94. Donall (2): his son.

95. Maghnus (3): his son.

96. Cobthach (4): his son.

97. Conor (4): his son.

98. Maolpadraic: his son.

99. Ceannfaolla: his son.

100. Aodh (2): his son.

101. Cumumhan: his son.

102. Muireadach: his son.

103. Cathal (or Charles): his son.

104. Donall (3): his son.

105. Brian: his son. 100. Murtoch: his son.

107. Crimthann: his son.

108. Saortuile: his son.

109. Niochall: his son.

110. Aodh (3): his son.

111. Cathal (2): his son.

112. Donoch (2): his son.

113. Felim: his son.

114. Teige (2): his son.

115. Cathal (3): his son.

116. Donall (4): his son.

117. Aodh (4): his son.

118. Cormac: his son.

119. Aodh (or Hugh): his son.

120. Cathal (4): his son.

121. Teige (3): his son; living in 1657.

122. Shane: his son; living in 1701; held the lands of Muckross (at Killarney) under Charles MacCarthy Mór, from A.D. 1693.

123. Dermod (or Darby): his son; buried in Muckross Abbey, where his tomb exists.

124. Edmond: his son; living in 1807.

125. Edmond (2): his son; died in 1841. This Edmond had an elder brother named William, and a younger brother named John ——— , both of whom died unmarried.

126. Edward Lees Coffey: son of Edmond (2); living in America in 1881, and had a family. This Edward had four brothers—1. James-Charles of Dublin, d. 1880; 2. John-William; 3. David; 4. Henry.


[1] Corca Luighe: This was a territory in Carbery, in the west of the county Cork; and was so called because principally inhabited by families of the Lugadian Race, descendants of Luighaidh, son of Ithe, uncle of Milesius of Spain, and the first Milesian discoverer of Ireland. Corcaluighe ("corcach:" Irish, swampy ground) extended from Bandon to Crookhaven and to the river of Kenmare; and was anciently possessed by the O'Baires [O'Barrys], O'Coffeys, O'Deas, O'Driscolls, O'Fihillys, O'Flains, O'Heas, O'Henegans, O'Learys, etc.

The city of "Cork" is by some derived from the Irish word corcach, abovementioned; because it is built on a low marsh island, formed by the branches of the river Lee.