MacDonogh-Cartie (No.5) family genealogy

Prince of Duhallow

THIS is the senior of the various Scions of the "MacCarthy Mór" family, being descended from Cormac Fionn, who is No. 112 on that Stem, and the fifth in direct descent from Carthach, a quo the sirname MacCarthy.

113. Dermod: third son of Cormac Fionn MacCarthy Mór.

114. Donogh: his son.

115. Cormac: his son.

116. Donogh: his son.

117. Donogh Oge: his son; d. 1501.

118. Cormac: his son; lived in 1520. This family possessed Duthaidh Ealla, i.e. "The estate on the river Allo," which territory forms and gives name to the present barony of "Duhallow." MacDonogh's Castle of Kanturk was a fortress so strong and extensive, that the "Lords of the Council" in England (temp. Elizabeth) transmitted an order to Ireland to have the work stopped.