MacCarthy Reagh (No.4) family genealogy

Of Spring House, and Counts of Toulouse, France

Armorial Bearings: Same as those of the "MacCarthy Reagh."

THIS family is descended from Donal na-Pipi MacCarthy Reagh. Prince of Carbery, who is No. 121 on the "MacCarthy Prince of Carbery" Stem.

122. Owen: son of Donal na-Pipi; married Honoria, daughter of Taige-an-Duna MacCarthy, of Dun-manway (see "MacCarthy Glas" Stem, No. 122).

123. Donal: his son; proprietor of Knocknahinsy; m. Honoria, dau. of John O'Hea, of Corably, co. Cork; died 16th December, 1666.

124. Donogh: his son; proprietor of Spring House, co. Tipperary, which he purchased in his father's lifetime. Married 27th July, 1660, Elizabeth, daughter of Edmond Hackett, of Ballyskillan, county Tipperary; died in 1713; interred at Bansha, in that county. His children were:—1. Justin; 2. James; 3. Charles (of Laganstown), m. Clara O'Ferrall, d. s. p.; 4. Denis, m. a Miss Herringman; 5. Alexander; 6. Elizabeth, married to Michael Kearney, proprietor of Fethard and Kilbrogan; 7. Honoria, m. James Fox, of Kilmalchy, King's County; 8. Joanna, m. John Therry, of Castle Therry, co. Cork; 9. Margaret; 10. Catherine, married to Francis Kearney, of Knockinglass, co. Tipperary; 11. Eleanor, m. to Jeremiah O'Donovan, of Kinograny, co. Cork; 12. Maria, m. to Daniel O'Mahony, of Dunloe Castle, co. of Kerry.

125. Justin MacCarthy: his son; b. 28th February, 1685; m. on 14th February, 1709, Marie, dau. of John Shee, of Ballylogue, co. Tipperary; died in April, 1756; buried at Bansha. By his wife (who d. 15th Nov. 1744), he left issue:—I. Denis; 2. John,[1] b. 6th April, 1725; m. Anne, dau. of Thomas Wyse, of Waterford, by whom he had four sons and four daughters; 3. Maria, m. James Mandeville, of Ballydine; 4. Elizabeth, m. Daniel Ryan, of Inch, in the co. Tipperary; and 5. Margaret, who d. unm.

126. Denis of Spring House: son of Justin; b. 21st June, 1718; m. on the 29th September, 1743, Christine, dau. of Robert French, of Rahasane, near Craughwell, co. Galway; died 13th September, 1761, at Argenton, Berry, in France.

127. Justin: son of Denis; born at Spring House, 18th August, 1744; m., on the 16th September, 1765, Maria Winifred, dau. of Nicholas Tuite, of Tuitestown, Westmeath; d. in 1812, leaving issue:—1. Denis-Joseph, b. 18th July, 1766; 2. Nicholas-Tuite (the Abbe MacCarthy), b. in Dublin, 19th May, 1769; d. at Annecy (France) on the 3rd May, 1833; 3. Robert-Joseph; 4. Joseph-Charles, b. 1777; 5. Joseph-Patrick, b. 1799, m. 1818, and left issue:—1. Nicholas-Francis-Joseph (b. 1833); 2. Winifred (b. 1819); 3. Anna-Maria (b. 1825); 4. Maria-Theresa (b. 1828); 5. Justin, b. 1785; 6. Anna-Maria, b. 1767; 7. Christine-Maria, b. 1772; and 8. Maria, b. 1780.

This Justin was only seventeen years at the time of his father's death, who was obliged to leave Ireland on account of the penal laws. Immediately on the death of his father Justin hastened to realize all that his family had been able to preserve of the debris of an immense fortune, and selected for the future home of himself and his posterity the city of Toulouse, in France.

In September, 1766, this Justin became the Count MacCarthy Reagh, of the City of Toulouse, in the Department of the Haute Garonne, receiving letters patent from Louis (Capet) XVI., the French King, and on the 25th of February, 1767, formed a part of the Court of Paris.

128. Robert-Joseph MacCarthy Reagh, Count of Toulouse: his son; born June 30th, 1770. On the 9th of May, 1809, he married Emilia-Maria de Bressac, and died at Lyons, on the 11th July, 1827.

129. Justin-Marie-Laurent-Robert MacCarthy Reagh, Third Count of Toulouse: his son; born May 6th, 1811.


[1] John: This John's descendants are here traced— [but see note in Addenda here]

126. John: the second son of Justin; b. 6th April, 1725; m. Anne Wyse, of Waterford, in 1747; issue:—James, b. 1749; Charles, b. 1752; Justin, b. 1755; Dermod, b. 1756; Anne, b. 1750; Eliza, b. 1751; Maria, b. 1754; and Christine, b. 1755. This John d. 1779.

127. Charles: his son; m. (1776) Miss Morrogh, co. Cork; was a Lieutenant in the Bengal Navy; had issue: Joseph, b. 1777; Charles, b. 1778; Robert, b. 1780; and Anne, b. 1779; besides other children.

128. Charles; his son: b. 1778, d. circa 1846; m. a Miss Tuite, and had many children; was a Civil Engineer, and a Lieutenant in the Tipperary Militia.

129. Rev. Charles F. MacCarthy, D.D.: his son; b. 1818, d. 1877. Resided in Dublin.