MacCarthy (No.10) family genealogy

Of Cloghroe

Armorial Bearings: Same as those of "MacCarthy, Lords of Muscry."

TEIGE, lord of Muscry, who is No, 121 on the "MacCarthy Lords of Muscry" Stem, was ancestor to the Cloghroe MacCarthy family.

122. Cormac MacCarthy, of Ballea, Castlemore, Courtbreac, and Cloghroe, usually styled "Sir Cormac MacTeige" [Here see addenda]: son of Teige lord of Muscry; had three sons, viz.:—1. Teige; 2. Donogh MacCarthy na-Mona, commonly called the "Master of Mourne;" and 3. Charles.

123. Charles of Cloghroe: third son of Cormac.

124. Charles: his son; his estate was confiscated in 1641 under the Cromwellian settlement.

125. Cormac Oge of Cloghroe: his son; living in 1677. Married a sister of Teige of Aglish, by whom he had issue:—1. Denis; 2. Alexander; 3. Margaret; 4. Nelly; 5. Mary, married to Florence MacCarthy Mór (see MacCarthy Mór Stem, No. 126); 6. Catherine; and 7. Ellen, married to a Mr. Anketell.

126. Denis MacCarthy: his son; married Mary, the daughter of Sir J. Meade (by his wife, the Hon. Lady Elizabeth, and sister of Sir Richard Meade, afterwards Earl of Clanwilliam), by whom he had issue:—Elizabeth who married Joseph Capell, by whom she had a daughter Jane, who married Robert MacCartie of Carrignavar; and a son Justin, who died sine prole, in 1762. This Denis died on the 2nd of April, 1739, at Ballea, in the 45th year of his age; and was interred in the Monastery of Kilcrea, where the following inscription may be seen on his tomb:—

"Let honour, valour, virtue, justice mourn,

Cloghroe's MacCarthy, lifeless in this urn;

Let all distressed draw near and make their moan,

Their patron lies confined beneath this stone."