MacCarthy (No.11) family genealogy

Of Aglish

Armorial Bearings: Same as those of "MacCarthy, Lords of Muscry."

CORMAC, Lord of Muscry, was the ancestor of this Family.—See Stem of the "MacCarthy (Muscry)" Family, No. 123.

124. Tadhg MacCarthy of Aglish: son of Cormac, lord of Muscry.

125. Dermod: his son; died at an advanced age, leaving two children, —a son, and a daughter who married Charles of Cloghroe.

126. Tadhg of Aglish: his son; suffered for his adherence to the Stuarts, by having his lands of 4,005 Irish acres seized on by the Williamites, and himself expelled from his home.

127. Charles: his son, of whose career very little is known: many of his descendants still live at or near the old lands. This Charles had a sister Joanna, who m. John O'Connor "Kerry," who, in 1652, was cruelly put to death by the followers of Cromwell.—See the O'Connor Kerry pedigree, No. 122.