MacCarthy (No.13) family genealogy

Of Carrignavar

Arms: A buck trippant, attired and unguled or. Crest: A dexter arm in armour couped below the elbow, grasping a lizard. Motto; Same as MacCarthy Mór.

124. DONAL: son of Cormac Mór MacCarthy, lord of Muscry, by his wife Maria Butler, was ancestor of this family; he had two sons—1. Donal, and 2. Cormac Spainach.

125. Donal (2): his son, died at an advanced age, leaving a son Cormac who forfeited Carrignavar, etc., for the part he took in the Revolution of 1688-9. His estates were put up for sale in 1702 at Chichester House, in Dublin, and subsequently came into the possession of the family by purchase. This Cormac died without issue, whereupon the estates reverted to the descendants of the second son of Donal No. 124.

126. Donal (3): son of Cormac Spainach, the second son of No. 124; died at Carrignavar in 1692, leaving two sons:—Donal, and Cormac (or Charles) called of "Carrignavar," who in 1718 became a Protestant; he was thus able to purchase his estates.

127. Conal (4): son of Donal.

128. Donal Oge (5): his son; had two sons:—1. Justin, who predeceased his father in 1762; and 2. Robert. This Donal's will bears date 23rd of August, 1763.

129. Robert: his son; m. in October, 1784, Jane, the dau. of Joseph Capell, of Cloghroe (see "MacCarthy of Cloghroe" Pedigree, No. 126), and his wife Elizabeth, dau. of Denis MacCarthy of Cloghroe. They had issue:—1. Justin MacCartie; 2. Joseph Capell MacCartie; and 3. Elizabeth.

130. Justin MacCartie: his son.