Hamilton family genealogy

Duke of Abercorn

Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gu. three cinquefoils pierced erm., for HAMILTON; 2nd and 3rd, ar. a ship with sails furled and oars sa., for ARRAN; in the point of honour over all an escutcheon az. charged with three fleurs-de-lis or. and surmounted by a French ducal coronet, for CHATELLERAULT. Crest: Out of a ducal coronet or. an oak fructed and penetrated transversely in the main stem by a frame-saw ppr. the blade inscribed with the word "Through," the frame gold. Supporters: Two antelopes ar. horned, ducally gorged, chained, and hoofed or. Mottoes: Through; and Sola nobilitas virtus.

WALTER (the Mór Mhaor Leamhna or "Great Steward of Lennox"), lord high steward of Scotland, who is No. 115 on the "Stewart" pedigree, was the remote ancestor of Hamilton [1] duke of Abercorn. This Walter, lord steward, married Margery, the only daughter of Robert Brace (called "King Robert the First"), King of Scotland; upon whose issue by the said Walter the crown was entailed by the Scotch Parliament, in default of male issue of the said Robert Bruce's only son, David, King of Scotland, who died without issue, A.D. 1370.

115. Walter, lord "Steward" of Scotland: son of John of Bute; ancestor of Stewart and Stuart.

116. Robert Stewart or Robert the Second, King of Scotland: his son.

117. Robert the Third, King of Scotland: his son; his first name was John.

118. James the First, King of Scotland: his son.

119. James, the Second, King of Scotland: his son; had a brother named Ninion.

120. Princess Mary of Scotland: his daughter, who married James, the first lord Hamilton.

121. James Hamilton, first earl of Arran: their son.

122. James, second earl of Arran: his son.

123. Claud, the first lord Paisley: his son.

124. James, first earl of Abercorn: his son.

125. Sir George Hamilton: his son: created a baronet, A.D. 1660.

126. James: his son; who died in his father's lifetime.

127. James: his son; the sixth earl of Abercorn.

128. James, the seventh earl: his son.

129. Hon. John Hamilton: his son.

130. John-James, the ninth earl of Abercorn: his son; was created "marquis of Abercorn."

131. James, viscount Hamilton: his son.

132. James Hamilton, marquis of Abercorn: his son; created in 1868, "marquis of Hamilton and duke of Abercorn," in the Peerage of Ireland; living in 1885; was Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, in 1876; had a brother named Claud.

133. James, marquis of Hamilton: his son; living in 1887. This James had 7 sisters, named—1. Lady Harriet. 2. Lady Beatrice. 3. Lady Louisa. 4. Lady Catherine. 5. Lady Georgina. 6. Lady Alberta Frances Anne. 7. Lady Maud Evelyn; and five brothers, named—1. Claud John. 2. George Francis. 3. Ronald Douglas. 4. Frederick Spencer, and 5. Ernest William.

134. James Albert Edward Hamilton, lord Paisley: his son; born in 1869, and living in 1887.


[1] Hamilton: This sirname is derived from the Irish "amhail" (Gr. "omal-os," Lat. "simil-is") like, and "thonn," a wave; and implies that the ancestor of the family was as impetuous in battle as the billows are at sea."