Carroll (No.2) family genealogy

Of Ely O'Carroll

Arms: Ar. two lions ramp. combatant gu, supporting a sword point upwards ppr. pommel and hilt or. Crest: On the stump of an oak-tree sprouting, a hawk rising, all ppr. belled or. Motto; In fide et in bello forte.

DANIEL CARROLL, of Litterluna, who is No. 128 on the pedigree of "Carroll of Maryland," United States, America, had four sons: 1. Anthony of Lisheenboy; 2. Charles, who settled in Maryland in 1688; 3. Thomas (of whom presently); and 4. John, who d. 1733. [For the descendants of (1) Anthony of Lisheenboy, and of (2) Charles, who settled in Maryland in 1688, see "Carroll of Maryland" pedigree.]

129. Thomas: third son of Daniel of Litterluna; was Lieut.-Colonel in King James's Army, Commander of Carroll's Dragoons, was killed at the battle of the Boyne on 1st July, 1690; m. and had:

I. Thomas, of whom presently.

II. John.

130. Thomas: son of Thomas; m. and had:

I. John (b. 1708), m. Sarah, dau. of Henry and Sarah Greer, of Lisacurran.

II. Edward, of whom presently.

131. Edward (b. 1715), who in 1738 m. Sarah, dau. of Archibald and Jane Bell, of Trummery, and had five sons and five daus. Of the sons were:

I. John, of whom presently.

II. Edward (b. 1750), who in 1775 m., and went to and settled in America in 1801. Had five sons and one dau.; his fourth son Thomas, M.D., of Cincinnati, m. and had among other children, Robert-William, Counsellor-at-law, now of Cincinnati, who m. and has three sons and two daus.

132. John, of Hyde Park, Cork: son of Edward (131); b. 1740; on the 19th April, 1776, m. Sarah, dau. of Charles and Deborah Corfield, and had five sons and two daus. Of the sons were:

I. Joshua, of whom presently.

II. Thomas (b. 1784), m. in 1816 Mary Hatton, and had three sons and one dau. Of these sons, Joseph the second son, now of Cork, m. his cousin Caroline Hatton, and has three sons.

133. Joshua: son of John (132); b. 1777; on the 6th June, 1805, m. Sarah, dau. of John Barcroft, and Sarah Haughton, of Cleve Hill, Cork, and had three sons and four daus. The sons were:

I. John (b. 1807). m. in 1832 Janetta Hargrave, and had two sons and two daus.

II. Barcroft Haughton, d. unm.

III. William (b. 1814), m. his cousin Susan Eliza Grubb, of Cahir Abbey, and had one son and one dau. The daus. of Joshua were:

I. Helena, of whom presently.

II. Susan, m. Alexander Lawe.

III. Elizabeth, m. Henry Olliffe, brother of Sir Joseph Olliffe.

IV. Mary Anne, m. Thomas Manly.

134. Helena: eldest daughter of Joshua (133); b. 1811; on the 19th May, 1836, m. Alfred Greer, J.P., Dripsey House, Co. Cork, and had five sons, the eldest of whom was Thomas, No. 135 on this pedigree.

135. Thomas Greer (b. 4th April, 1837), of Sea Park, Carrickfergus, J.P., and late M.P. for Carrickfergus; m. 28th July, 1864, Margaret, only child of John and Jane Owden, of Sea Park, Co. Antrim, and niece of Sir Thomas Scambler Owden; living in 1887. (For the children of this Thomas Greer see the "Greer" Pedigree).