Carroll (No.1) family genealogy

Of Maryland, United States, America

Arms: Gu. two lions ramp, combatant ar. supporting a sword point upwards ppr. pommel and hilt or. Crest: On the stump of an oak tree sprouting, a hawk rising all ppr. belled or.

IN the "Journal of the Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of Ireland," for October, 1883, No. 56 (Vol. VI., 4th Series), is given a very interesting paper, communicated by the learned Frederick John O'Carroll, A.B., Barrister-at-Law, and entitled "Stemmata Carrollana, being the true version of the Pedigree of Carroll of Carrollton, and correcting that erroneously traced by Sir William Betham, late Ulster King-of-Arms." That Pedigree commences with Fionn (slain 1205), who is No. 114 on the "O'Carroll" (Princes of Ely) Pedigree; and proceeds, as follows:

114. Fionn, King of Ely (slain 1205), who had:

115. Teige, Chief of Ely, who had (Maolruanaidh and) Conal who settled at Litterluna.

116. Donal, Chief of Ely, who had:

117. Donough Dhearg (d. 1306), Chief of Ely, who had:

118. William Alainn (the Handsome), chief of Ely, who had:

119. Donough (d. 1377), Chief of Ely, who had:

120. Roderic, who had:

121. Daniel, who had:

122. Roderic,[1] who had:

123. Donough,[1] who had:

124. Teige, who had:

125. Donough, who had:

126. Daniel, who had:

127. Anthony, who had:

128. Daniel of Litterluna, who had four sons: I. Anthony; II. Charles; III. Thomas; IV. John, who d. in 1733.

I. Anthony, of Lisheenboy, in the co. Tipperary (will proved 1724), who had four sons:

I. Daniel.

II. Michael.

III. James, a Captain in Lord Dongan's Regiment of Dragoons, from whom descend: Anthony R. Carroll, and Redmond F. Carroll, of Dublin; and Alfred Ludlow Carroll, of New York.

IV. Charles (will proved 1724).

II. Charles: second son of Daniel; settled in Maryland, in 1688. (See No. 129.)

129. Charles: second son of Daniel; received a large grant of land in Maryland, and arrived there 1st Oct., 1688, with a commission constituting him Attorney-General. He m. a dau. of Colonel Henry Darnall, a Kinsman of Lord Baltimore, and was appointed by that nobleman his Agent and Receiver-Gen.

130. Charles: son of Charles.

131. Charles, who d. 1833: his son; was the last survivor [2] of the Signers of American Independence,[3] in 1776.

This Charles left one son and two daughters,—1. Mary, married to Richard Caton [4] of Maryland; 2. Catherine. m. to General Robert Goodloe Harper,[5] of South Caroline.

132. Charles Carroll of Carrollton Manor: only son of Charles of Carrollton; m. Harriet, dau. of the Hon. Benjamin Chew, Chief Justice of Pennsylvania; had four daughters —Mary Carroll, who married Richard H. Bayard; Louisa Carroll, who married Mr. Jackson; Harriet Carroll, who married the Hon. John Lee; and Elizabeth Carroll, who married Dr. Richard Tucker.

133. Charles Carroll: son of Charles; in October, 1825, married Mary Diggs Lee, a granddaughter of the Hon. Sim Lee, the second Governor of Maryland. This Charles Carroll had several children, viz.—Mary, Charles, Thomas-Lee, the Hon. John Lee, Louisa, Oswald, Albert-Henry, a second Thomas-Lee Carroll, Robert Goodloe, Harper Carroll, and Helen-Sophia. Thomas-Lee Carroll and Oswald Carroll died young. Mary Carroll, in 1866, married Dr. Acosta, and resides in Paris. Governor John-Lee Carroll, April 24th, 1856, married Anita Phelps, the daughter of Royal Phelps, a prominent merchant of New York. She died March 24th, 1873, and Governor Carroll, in April, 1877, married Miss Mary Carter Thompson, the daughter of the late Judge Lucas P. Thompson, of Staunton Va, and a sister of the wife of his brother Charles. Louisa Carroll, in 1858, married George Cavendish Taylor.


[1] Roderic and Donough: Omitting these two names, this pedigree corresponds exactly with the Linea Antiqua, and, says Mr. F. J. O'Carroll, "it is actually so given in another part of the Carrollton MS. A comparison of the dates with the number of generations, however, corroborates the accuracy of the version given, in this text."

[2] Survivor: This is the Charles Carroll, Maryland's "First Citizen," who was the only Signer that fearlessly wrote his address on the Declaration of American Independence; "as became him, he was the most earnest and active in every measure taken in opposition to the encroachments of the British Government." His latest words were:

"I have lived to my 96th year, I have enjoyed continued health, I have been blessed with great wealth, prosperity, and most of the good things which the world can bestow—public approbation, esteem, applause; but what I now look back on with the greatest satisfaction to myself is, that I have practised the duties of my religion."

The line of Carroll of the Caves, expired, says Mr. F. J. O'Carroll, in the male line in the person of Charles, son of Charles Carroll, of Annapolis (the descendant of the celebrated Ferganainm O'Carroll) ... "and is now represented, through the female line, by General John Carroll of 'The Caves,' Baltimore, the name `Carroll' having been assumed in compliance with the will of the last male representative in bequeathing his vast estates and possessions."

[3] Independence: The following were the Signatories to the "Declaration of American independence," in Congress, on the 4th July, 1776:—1. John Adams. 2. Samuel Adams. 3. Josiah Bartlet. 4. Carter Braxton. 5. Charles Carroll, of Carrollton (the Charles Carroll above-mentioned). 5. Samuel Chase. 6. Abra. Clarke. 7. George Clymer. 8. William Ellery. 9. William Floyof. 10. Elbridge Gerry. 11. Button Gwinnett. 12. Lyman Hall. 13. John Hancock. 14. Benjamin Harrison. 15. John Hart. 16. Joseph Hewes. 17. Stephen Hopkins. 18. Fras. Hopkinson. 19. Samuell Huntington. 20. Th. Jefferson. 21. Thomas M. Kean. 22. Francis Lightfoot Lee. 23. Richard Henry Lee. 24. Faans. Lewis. 25. Phil. Livingston. 26. Thomas Lynch, jun. 27. Thomas Mayward, jun. 28. Arthur Middleton. 29. Lewis Morris. 30. Robert Morris. 31. John Morton. 32. Thos. Nelson, jun. 33. Wm. Paca. 34. Robert Francis Paine. 35. George Read. 36. Casar Rodney. 37. George Ross. 38. Benjamin Rush. 39. Edward Rutlidge. 40. Roger Shearman. 41. James Smith. 42. Richard Stockton. 43. Thos. Stone. 44. Geo. Taylor. 45. Matthew Thornton. 46. Geo, Walton. 47. Wm. Whipple. 48. Wm. Williams. 49. James Wilson. 50. Jns. Withinpoole. 51. Oliver Wolcott, and 52. George Wythe.

[4] Richard Caton: This Richard Caton had by his wife Mary Carroll four daughters—Marianne, Elizabeth, Louisa, Katherine, and Emily. Marianne married Robert Patterson, and afterwards, on Oct. 25, 1825, Richard Colley, Marquis of Wellesley, the eldest son of Garrett, the first Earl of Mornington. The Marquis was Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Governor-General of India, and the elder brother of Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington. Elizabeth married Baron Stafford, and Louisa Katherine married first Sir Felton Bathurst Hervey, Baronet, and after his death, in 1828, she wedded Francis Godolphin D'Arcy, the seventh Duke of Leeds. Emily married John Mactavish, for a long time the British Consul in Baltimore, and father of Charles Carroll Mactavish, who married a daughter of the late Lieutenant-General Winfield Scott.

[5] Harper: Three children by his wife Catherine Carroll survived General Harper, viz:—Charles, who married Miss Chafelle, of South Carolina; Robert, who died on board of one of the packets returning from Europe; and Emily.