The principal seats are Menlough Castle, the residence of Sir V. Blake, Bart., a venerable castellated mansion in the Elizabethan style, beautifully situated; Villa House, the residence of the Warden of Galway; Leneboy, of J. O' Hara, Esq., recorder; Nile Lodge, of J. O'Hara, Esq.; Sea View, of Mrs. Browne; Vicar's Croft, of the Rev. J. D'Arcy; St. Helen's, of Mrs. Hynes; Renmore Lodge, of P. M. Lynch, Esq.; Merlin Park, of C. Blake, Esq.; Merview, of W. Joyce, Esq.; Rahoon, of R. O'Connor, Esq.; and Barna, of N. Lynch, Esq. The Grand Jury presentments for the county of the town, in 1835, amounted to £5701. 8. 3., of which £1035. 14. 6. was for the repairs of roads, bridges, &c.; £3568. 10. 10. for public buildings and charities, officers' salaries, and miscellaneous expenses; £453. 19. 11. for police; and £643. 3. in repayment of a loan by Government.

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