Wexford Sayings

John Johnson Marshall
Chapter IX (2) - Start of Chapter

Wexford, at which this old happening took place is “the model county,” and Wexford men are all “Yellow Bellies” since the reign of Queen Elizabeth. In a hurling match which they played and won, in her presence, they wore sashes of yellow silk and the queen is said to have rapped out an oath that these “yellow bellies” were the finest fellows that had ever played before her. Their descendants would not resign the nickname for a trifle. Wexford emigrants to St. Johns, Newfoundland, have given to their “local habitation” in that city the name of “Yellow Belly corner.”

“Gorey!” shouted after a person who leaves a door open. There was an attack during the 1798 rebellion made upon Gorey by the insurgents, who carried off all the doors. A person who leaves a door open behind them is supposed to have been born in Gorey or in some other locality without doors.

Another expressive Wexford saying is “the devil run to Lusk with you.”