Rev Patrick Woulfe

PUIRSÉIL—XIIPorcell, Purshell, Purcell, Purcill, Pursell; Norman 'porcel,' diminutive of Old French 'porc,' Latin 'porcus,' i.e., the little pig, a nickname. This surname is of record in Ireland since about the middle of the 13th century; at the beginning of the 14th it was already common in Munster. The Purcells were one of the most influential of the Anglo-Norman families of Ormond (Kilkenny and Tipperary), where they had many castles and manors. The head of the family had the title of Baron of Loughmoe, near Thurles, where the ruins of Loughmoe Castle are still to be seen. There was also an important family of the name at Ballyculhane, in Co. Limerick, and another at Crumlin, Co. Dublin.

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