Ó Flaithbheartaigh

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Ó FLAITHBHEARTAIGH—IO Flagherty, O'Flaherty, Flagherty, Flaherty, Flaverty; 'descendant of Flaithbheartach' (bright ruler); the name of a Connacht family who were originally chiefs of Muinntear Mhurchadha, now anglicised Muntermorroghoe, a district on the east side of Lough Corrib, in the barony of Clare, Co. Galway, but on being expelled from there by the English, in the 13th century, settled on the other side of Lough Corrib, where they obtained extensive possessions in the barony of Moycullen, and were styled lords of Iar-Connacht. There is also a family of the name, but of an entirely different stock, in Thomond. In Ulster, owing to the aspiration of the initial f, the name has been changed to Ó Laithbheartaigh, which see.

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