Ó Cathasaigh

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Ó CATHASAIGH—IO Cahessy, O'Casey, Casey; 'descendant of Cathasach' (vigilant, watchful); the name (1) of a family in ancient Meath, who were lords of Saithne, in the north of the present Co. Dublin, until dispossessed by Sir Hugh de Lacy soon after the Anglo-Norman invasion; (2) of a Dalcassian family, seated in the barony of Coshlea, Co. Limerick; (3) of a Cork family who possessed a territory called Coillte Maibinacha, near Mitchelstown; (4) of a Tirawley family who were erenaghs of Kilarduff, in the parish of Dunfeeny, Co. Mayo; (5) of a Roscommon family, formerly erenaghs of Cloondara, in the parish of Tisrara; and (6) of a Fermanagh family formerly erenaghs of Devinish. These families are all still well represented.

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