Mag Eochagáin

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Mag EOCHAGÁIN—IVM'Geoghegaine, M'Goghagan, Magoughegan, Magowghegan, M'Goigan, Mageoghegan, MacGeoghegan, MacGoogan, MacGuigan, MacGuiggan, Maguigan, Geoghegan, Gehagan, Gehegan, Geogan, Geagan, Geghan, Gegan, Googan, Gogan, &c.; 'son of Eochagán' (a diminutive of Eochaidh); the name of an ancient and highly respectable family in Co. Westmeath. They are a branch of the southern Ui Neill, being descended from Fiacha, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, from whom they took their clan-name of Cinel Fhiachach. The patrimony of Cinel Fhiachach, in the 16th century, comprised the barony of Moycashel, but was anciently much more extensive. The Mageoghegans retained their rank as lords of Moycashel down to the Cromwellian confiscations, when they lost their estates. A branch of the family was transplanted to Co. Galway, where the name is still common. See Mag Eachagáin, which is a variant.

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