Mac Ruaidhrí

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Mac RUAIDHRÍ—VM'Rury, M'Roory, M'Rowry, MacRoary, MacRory, MacArory, MacCrory, Rorison, Rogerson, Rogers, Rodgers; 'son of Ruaidhrí' (the Norse Hrothrekr, Domesday Book Roric, anglicised Rory, Roderick and Roger); the name (1) of a family who were anciently chiefs of Tellach Ainbhith and Muinntear Birn, in Co. Tyrone, and erenaghs of Ballynascreen, in Co. Derry; and (2) of a Scoto-Irish family of the same stock as the MacDonnells, who came over to Ireland as gallowglasses about the middle of the 14th century.

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