Mac An Leagha

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Mac an LEAGHA—VIIM'Enlawe, M'Enlay, M'Enley, M'Enlea, M'Kinlea, M'Elea, M'Ellay, M'Lea, MacKinlay, MacKinley, MacAlea, MacAlee, MacClay, MacLee, Lee, Leigh, and sometimes incorrectly MacLean, MacClean; 'son of the physician' (Irish 'liaigh'). There were several scattered families of this name, each doubtless an offshoot of one or other of great medical families. It seems to have been sometimes used as an alias by members of the family of Mac Dhuinnshléibhe (which see), who were famous medical practitioners. See also Mac Conleagha.

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