De Róiste

Rev Patrick Woulfe

de RÓISTE—XI—Roche, Roache; Norman 'de la Roche,' Latin 'de Rupe,' i.e., of the rock, from residence beside some prominent rock; an old Norman surname. Families of this name settled in different parts of Ireland, but the best known were those of Cork, Limerick and Wexford. In the first-named county, the Roches obtained by marriage the district about Fermoy known as Críoch Róisteach, or Roche's Country; the head of this family was Viscount Fermoy. The Roches of Limerick were a wealthy and respectable merchant family. Among the twenty exempted from pardon by Ireton when he obtained possession of the city in 1651, were Alderman Jordan Roche and Edmund Roche. Roche of Rochesland was one of the principal gentlemen of Wexford in 1598.

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