De Hionburgha

Rev Patrick Woulfe

de HIONBURGHA—XIde Hynteberge, de Hindeberg, de Hyntebrygh, Hynebrye, Henbury, Henebery, Heneberry, Hennebry, Henebry, etc.; Norman 'de Hynteberge, etc.,' i.e., of Hindeberg, the modern Henbury, a parish in Gloucestershire, also a place in Cheshire. The English terminations -burg and -berg, modern -bury and -berry, have been confused. Compare with de Hanburgha above. The first of this family of whom we have record was Philip de Hynteberge who, about the middle of the 13th century, was lord of the manor of Rath, near Dublin, and one of the itinerant justices. His grandson, Nicholas de Hynteberge, in 1280, granted this manor to Robert Bagod, and it has since been known as Bagotrath. The family seems to have then settled in Co. Kilkenny, whence they spread into Waterford and Tipperary.

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