English Names

Robert E. Matheson
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Large numbers of English came to Ireland from the 12th to the 18th century, and from these sources the great bulk of the English names now found in Ireland are derived. These names are very numerous, though in many cases, as compared with the old Celtic names, they represent but a small number of persons.

The following are a few specimens of English names numerously represented:—

Adams; Andrews; Arnold; Ashe; Atkinson; Baker; Barr; Barton; Bates; Bennett; Berry; Bingham; Bolton; Bradshaw; Brooks; Canning; Carlisle; Carter; Christy; Cooper; Cox; Crowe; Downes; Edwards; English; Field; Fisher; Freeman; Goodwin; Hall; Harper; Harris; Harrison; Hawthorne; Henry; Hewitt; Hill; Holmes; Hopkins; Hunt; Hunter; Jackson; Jenkins; Johnson; Johnston; Kidd; King; Lamb; Lane; Little; Long; Mitchell; Morton; Nash; Osborne; Pearson; Richardson; Roberts; Robinson; Salmon; Shaw; Short; Simpson; Small; Somers; Swan; Taylor; Thornton; Turner; Walker; Wall; Waters; Watson; Webb; Webster; West; White; Woods; Wright.