The last Case one of the Worst

John Francis Maguire
CHAPTER X (19) start of chapter

It is satisfactory to perceive that, at least up to the time of the publication of the Report in question, the policy of the Government Bureau of Emigration was to act in harmony with the unpaid Commission in New York; and for the interests of humanity I may venture to express an earnest hope that no change, however apparently beneficial, may have the effect—the fatal effect—of interfering with the operation or impairing the efficiency of an organisation which has rendered inestimable services to the poor, the feeble, the unprotected, and in a special degree to those of the Irish race. The words of Florence Nightingale, when acknowledging, in 1866, the annual Reports which had been sent to her, may fittingly conclude this branch of my subject: 'These Reports are most businesslike. They testify to an amount of benevolent and successful efforts on behalf of the over-crowded old States of Europe of which America may well be proud.' (13)

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