Wexford Borough Alphabetical Directory, 1885

About “Wexford County Guide and Directory,” 1885

George Henry Bassett produced 7 Irish county directories in the 1880s: Antrim, Armagh, Down, Kilkenny, Louth, Tipperary and Wexford. Each provides useful history of the respective counties as well as lists of office holders, farmers, traders, and other residents of the individual cities, towns and villages.

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The directories are naturally an invaluable resource for those tracing family history. However, there are a few points to bear in mind.

  1. This online version of Bassett’s Wexford County Guide and Directory is designed primarily as a genealogical research tool and therefore the numerous advertisements in the original book, many full page, and quite a few illustrated, have been excluded.
  2. The text has been proofed with due care, but with large bodies of text typographical errors are inevitably bound to occur.
  3. Be aware that there were often inconsistencies in spelling surnames in the 19th century and also that many forenames are abbreviated in Bassett’s directories.

With respect to the last point, surnames which today begin with the “Mc” prefix, for example, were often formerly spelt as “M‘,”. For a list of some of the more common forename abbreviations used in the directory, see Forename Abbreviations.

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If names are not found under this head, see County Directory, Borough of Wexford classification of business branches, professions, public and religious bodies, societies, and postal villages sub to Wexford.


Adams, Charles, provisions, etc., Main street, s

Alcock, P., land, Park house

Allen, Ben., insurance agent, Main street

Allen, R. & R., native timber merchants, etc., Customhouse quay

Allen, R. J. (R. & R. Allen). Res—George street

Allen, R. (R. & R. Allen) Res—Main street, n

Andrews, Wm., photographer, High street

Armstrong, Wm., grocer, etc., Main street, s

Atkins, Samuel, bootmaker, Main street, s

Aylward, Rev. E. C. C., The Manse, School st


Ballast Board Office, Chamber of Commerce, Crescent quay

Barker, Philip, marine store, etc., Main street, s

Barlow, Theo. G., sub-agent Bank of Ireland, Crescent quay

Barrington, Mrs., Farnogue ter

Barrington, N. J., solicitor, Slaney street. Res—Monck street

Barrington, W., land, Ballyhow l

Barron, Thomas, land, Corlican

Barry, James, Baker’s clerk, 10 Monck street

Barry, J. E., maltster, etc., Crescent quay, Res—Faythe house

Barry, John Monck street

Bell, John, fishing-boat owner, Parnell street

Bennett, Arnold, land, Johnstown

Bennett,Thos., land, Ballytramont

Bent’s Dairy, Hill street

Beran, Michael, sergt., instructor of musketry, W. M. Barracks

Bergin, Jas., baker, Gibson street

Bishop’s Water—This name originated from the fact that the stream so called flows from a farm formerly owned by a Catholic bishop

Blake, Jas., pilot master, Parnell st

Blake, T., clerk, P.O., Maudlintown

Boardman, Mary A., coach builder, Main street, n

Boggan, James, High street

Boggan, L., land, Newbay

Bolger, John, Main street, s.

Bolger, Thos., compositor, Ram st

Boxwell, Frank, see Wexford Foxhounds, Kerlogue

Boxwell, Henry H., M.D., Hill st

Boyle, M., H.M. Customs, High st

Bradhurst, James, King street

Bradish, James, Strandfield

Bradshaw, J. A., land, Coolree

Breen, Joseph, victualler, N. Market. Res—Mary street

Breen, M., color-sergt. W.M. Baracks

Breen, P. J., organist, etc., Main street, n

Breen, Wm., bakery, Selskar st

Breen, Myles, bakery, Main st, s.

Breen, N., land, Talbot street

Breen, W., pilot, William st

Brennan, E., land, Shilmalier commons

Brennan, E., land, Davidstown

Brennan, John, compositor, Well le

Brennan, M., lodgings, Corn Mkt

Brennan, Rt., cattle dealer, Johns-gate street

BRIEN & KEATING, hardware merchts, etc., 9 & 14 Main st, s. and Anne st (see advt.)

Brien, Denis, (Brien & Keating)

Brien, John, bootmaker, Allen st

Brien, T., fishing-boatowner, Faythe

Brien, Thos., ship carpr., Bishop’s water

Bristol Steamer, R. & R. Allen, Custom house quay

Brosnan, John, clerk, King street

Browne, James, bakery, etc., 54 Main st (see advt.)

Browne, Jas., land, Ballykillane

Browne, Michael, eating house, Common quay street

Browne, Ptk., jun , engineer. Res—Main street, s

Browne, Ptk., sen., engineer. Res—King street

Browne, Rev. W. H., curate I.C., George street

Browne, M. A., veterinary surgeon, Crescent quay

Browne, John, spirit dealer, Commercial quay

Browne, Wm., & Son, land agents, etc., George st. Res—Clonard

Brown, M., pipe manufr., King st

Brown, Ml., spirit dealer, Common quay street

Brown, P., jun., millwright, Waterloo road

Brown, Patrick, provisions, Main st, s

BUCKLEY, JOHN, draper, merchant tailor, etc., 58 Main st, s (see advt.)

Busher, James, land, Ballyhit

Butler, J., ship carpenter, Faythe

Busher, Walter, ship carpenter, Faythe

Busher, Wm., dairy, Monck street

Byrne, E., cattle dealer, John street

Byrne, Evan, draper, etc., Main street, n

Byrne, J., cattle dealer, John st

Byrne, J., fruiterer, Main street, s

Byrne, J., ship carpenter, Talbot street

Byrne, Patrick, provisions, etc., Bull ring

Byrne, P., cardriver, Selskar street

Byrne, Philip, land, Main street, n

Byrne, Philip, smith, Ram street

Byrne, Thos., land, Killeens

Byrne, Thomas, painter, Talbot st


Cahill, Anne, caretaker, Inland Revenue Office, Rowe street

Cahill, Margaret, draper, 79 Main street, n

Caldwell, R. P., Master Tate’s School, Windmill hill

Callaghan, P., Head Constable, R.I.C., George street

Carberry, John, eating house, Mary street

Carberry, J., spirit dealer, Michael street

CARDIFF, J., grocer, etc., Main street, s (see advt.)

Carey, Rev. J., Methodist Minister, Rowe street

Carmody, Bessie, bookseller, etc., 10 Main street, n (see advt.)

Carr, A., lodgings, etc., Parnell st

Carr, Bridget, dealer in groceries, High street

Carr, Henry, Supt. of Customs, etc. Res.—Anne street

Carr, M., spirit dealer, Oyster lane

Carr, T., ship owner, Carrigeen

Carroll, D., pawnbroker and clothier, 50 Main street, s

Carroll, George, steamer agent, etc., Trinity st. Res.—George st

Carroll, P., fishing boat owner, High street

Carroll, P. J., grocer, etc., Corn market

Carroll, T., carpenter, Patrick sq

Carson, John, bank accountant, 14 Main street, n

Carty, Charles, fitter, John’s Gate st

Carty, J., jun., land, Mulgannon

Carty, J., engine cleaner, Ram st

Carty, Owen, spirit dealer, Faythe

Carty, Pk., fishing boat owner, Faythe

Carty, Robert, Civil Bill Officer, Abbey street

Carty, R., law clerk, Spa Well rd

Cassin, P., grocer, etc., Selskar st

Caulfield, P., lodgings, Slaney st

Chamber of Commerce, Crescent quay

Chambers, John, land, Butlerstown

Chandler, Captain P., John street

Clancy, B., ship chandler, Main street, s

Clancy, E., sea captain, Michael st

Clancy, John, land, College

Clancy, J., victualler, O. Market. Res.—John street

Clancy, T., steward, Chamber of Commerce. Res.—Selskar street

Clancy, T., victualler, O. Market. Res.—John street

Clancy, Wm., spirit dealer, etc., Hayestown

Cleary, Anne, confections, etc., Main street, s

Cleary, J. J., law clerk, High st

Cleary, Maria, provisions, Corn market

Clarke, J., chief warder, Gaol

Cleary, P. J., land, Coolcotts

Clifford, Edward J., land, Ashfield

Cloney, William, Borough Rate Collector, Common quay street

Codd, K., grocer, etc., 51 Main st, s

Codd, J., bakery, etc., Main st, s

Codd, J., draper, etc., Main st, s

Codd, John, grocer, etc., Selskar st

Codd, J., sea captain, Parnell st

Codd, Mathew, land, Rowestown

Codd, John, land, Grange

Codd, M., spirit dealer, Faythe

Codd, M., spirit dealer, Maudlintown

Codd, Nicholas, land, Colestown

Codd, N., land, Holmestown little

Codd, N., woollen, yarns, etc., Selskar street

Codd, Patrick, land, Newtown

Codd, Pierce, mate, Crescent quay

Coghlan, A., draper, 47 Main st n.

Coghlan, W. (J.P.), Summerville

Coleman, J., labr., Temperance row

Colfer, N., grocer, Main street, s

College, St. Peter's, Summer hill

Condron, David, provisions, Main street, s

CONNICK, Wm., draper, etc., 34 Main st, s (see advt.)

Connolly, Michael, William st

Connors, J., land, Shilmalier Commons

Connors, John, fishing-boat owner, Faythe

Connors, J., labourer, Corn market

Conroy, Thos., Bishop’s Water Distillery

Cooney, Thos., mate, Henrietta st

Cooper, John R., solicitor, Commercial quay. Res.—Beechville

Cooper, R. H., dentist, Medical Hall, 43 Main st, n. (see advt.)

Corcoran, J., bootmaker, Ram st

Corcoran, John, leather cutter, Selskar street

Corcoran, Wm., foreman compositor, Parnell street

Corish, B., sailor, Faythe

Corish, E. & C., drapers, Main street, n

CORISH, J., draper, etc., 19 Main street, n (see advt.)

Corish, Rev. P., Franciscan Convent

CORRY, P. W., draper, etc., 13 Main street, n (see advt.)

Cosgrave, Francis, bakery, etc., 53 Main st, n. Res—Roxboro’

Cosgrave, Michael, Talbot street

Cosgrave, Very Rev. L., Franciscan Convent

Co. Infirmary, Hill street

COUSINS & CO., grocers, etc., 25 Main street, s (see advt.)

Cousins, P. (Cousins & Co.)

Cousins, A., dressmaker, Selskar st

Cousins, L., tailor, Bride street

Cousins, T., ship-carpenter, Faythe

COWMAN, L., grocer, etc., 38 Main street, n (see advt.)

Crean, Dr. John, Main st, n

Crean, M. J., letter-carrier, John st

Creane, Rev. M. E., Prof. St. Peter's College

Crosby, M., dressmaker, Allen st

Crosbie, Thomas

Cullen, E., spirit dealer, Old pound

Cullen, Michael, pork butcher, Old pound

Cullen, N. J. (J. Cullen & Son), oils and colours, Corn market. Res.—Rowe street

Cullen, P., land, Shilmalier Commons

Cullimore, L., mason, Slaney st

Culleton, John, ship-carpenter, John’s Gate street

Cullothan, Thos., coach-builder, Selskar street

Curran, James, fitter, Barrack street

Curry, Michael, sewing-machine agent, 31 Main st, n. Res—Monck street

Cuscaden, Wm. H., ex-coast grd, Alexandria


Dack, J., bank porter, Monck st

Daly, J., letter carrier, High street

Daly, John, bakery, Main st, n

Daly, Thomas, spirit dealer, Commercial quay

DAVIS, BROS., flour merchants and millers, Commercial quay

DAVIS, S. & A. G., flour merchants and millers, Paul qy

Davis, S. W. E., land, Grange

Davis, Thos., hawker, Abbey street

Deane-Morgan, Hon. Mrs., Arkandrisk

Deegan, Thos., green grocer, Corn market

Delaney, M., lodgings, Corn market

Delaney, Mary, bakery, Main st, s

Delaney, P., lodgings, Corn market

Dempsey Bros., builders, Patrick square

Dempsey, Mary, spirit dealer, Monck street

Dempsey, Peter, land, Whiterock

Dempsey, T., Qr.-master sergeant, W. M., Michael st

Denroche, H., bootmkr, Abbey st

Devereux, J., land, Ballykilliane

Devereux, Jas. P., Rocklands

Devereux, John, land, Ardcavan

Devereux, John, land, Crandonnell

Devereux, J., provisions, Main st, s

Devereux, J. T. (D.L.), George’s st

Devereux, K., millinery,Main st, s

Devereux, L., draper, Main st, s

Devereux, Mark, pilot-master, Hollyville

Devereux, Mark, sea capt., Still Le

Devereux, Capt. Martin, spirit dealer, Paul quay

Devereux, Mrs., hair dresser, Charlotte street

Devereux, Mrs., Summerhill

Devereux, N., land, Ballykillane

DEVEREUX, N. and CO., Bishop’s Water Distillery (see advt.)

Devereux, Pat., land, Killiane ltl.

Devereux, Thomas, ex-sea captain, William street

Devereux, Thomas, fishing-boat owner, William street

Devereux, W., grocer, etc., 5 Main street, south

DEVEREUX, Wm. J., grocer, etc., 17 Main street, south (see advt.)

Devereux, Wm., land, Tincoon

Devlin, Mchl., manager, National Bank, Custom House quay

Dillon, Ed., laborer, Ram street

Dillon, Thomas, Militia captain, Parnell street

Dimsdale, E., bank cashier. Res—Odessa

Dispensary, St. Patrick’s square

Dixon, Alicia and Jane, drapers, etc., 4 Main street, north

Dixon, Ed., flour mert., Paul quay

Dobbins, P., victualler, O. Market. Res—John street

Dodd, Jno., coach buildr, Westgate

Donnelly, Ml., draper, Main st, s

Dooley, Wm., car driver, Abbey st

Downey, A., hardware, etc., Main street, south

Dowse, Dr. Thos. J., George’s st

Dowse, Rev. J. C., Curate I.C., George’s street

DOYLE & NOLAN, grocers, etc., Redmond pl (see advt.)

Doyle, D., jun, land, Mulgannon

Doyle, Eliza, grocer, etc., King st

Doyle, Jno., fishing-bt ownr, Faythe

Doyle, John, manager, Leverett & Frye, 20 Main street, north

Doyle, Jno., letter carrier, 1 Back st

Doyle, L., draper, Main street, sth

Doyle, Mary A., boots, etc., Main street, south

Doyle, Matt., Abbey street

DOYLE, MYLES, bookseller, etc., 9 & 11 Main street, north (see advt.)

Doyle, Nicholas, land, Knockeens

Doyle, Nicholas, land, Mulgannon

Doyle, P. (Doyle & Nolan)

Doyle, P., leather mert, Main st, south. Res—Tagoat

Doyle, Rev. Luke, AdM., Church of the Assumption, Presbytery, Main street, south

Doyle, Rev. P., Professor, St. Peter’s College

Doyle, S., bakery, Corn Market

DOYLE, STEPHEN, gr., etc., upper John street, lower John street (see advt.)

Doyle, T., post master, Main st, s

Doyle, Wm., clerk, P.O., Temperance row

DOYLE, Wm., Selskar Iron Works (see advt.)

Druhan, Mathew, The Faythe


Eakins, Walter, Richmond terrace

Edwards, Mrs., bakery, Main st, n

Elgee, R. W., sol, George’s street. Res—Carcur cottage

Elward, Luke, land, Ballyfinogue gt

Ennis, Anthony, harbour master, &c., Faythe

Ennis, Mtn., ship carpenter, Ml. st

ENNIS, MICHAEL, timber merchant, Crescent quay. Res—Rowe street (see advt.)

Erwin, James, land, Davidstown

Evoy, John, painter, Temperance row

EYRE, JOHN, proprietor, White’s Hotel, etc., Main street, north (see first page of book.)


Fagan, Thomas, marble works, Redmond place

Fanning, P., secretary, Printers’ Society, 30 Clifford street

Fanning, Rev. Matt., C.C., The Presbytery, Main street, south

Fardy, Fr., laborer, King street

Fardy, Ml., tanner, etc., Main st, s

Faris, David (see James Kelly)

Farrell, J. B., co. surv, Glendarra

Feeny, G., law clerk, Selskar st

Fennell, J., sergt, W. M., Ram st

Fever Hospital, Carriggeen

Fewer, L., tailor, High street

Fielding, P., land, Hayestown gt

FITZSIMON, JOHN, draper, etc., 16 Main street, n (see advt.)

Flood, Rev. Brother P. C., director Christian Brothers’ Schools. Res—Joseph street

Flynn, John & Nicholas, leather and boot warehouse, Main st, s

Foley, John, compositor, John st

Forristal, Aidan, Prefect of Studies, St. Peter’s College

Fortune, A. R., watchmaker, Main street, north

Fortune, Kate, lodgings, Corn Mkt

Fortune, Mary, spirit dealer, Custom House quay

Fortune, Nicholas, land, Tenacre

Fortune, Richard, butter merchant, &c., Custom House quay

Fortune, William, bookseller, &c., Bull ring (see advt.)

Franklin, Ml., land, Davidstown

Frayne, Mary, glass and china, Main street, south (see advt.)

French, Michael, smith, John st

French, William, clerk, Parnell st

Friends’ Meeting House, High st

Frizelle, J., journalist, Allen street

Furlong, A., cattle dlr, Abbey st

Furlong, John, land, Crandonnell

Furlong, John, land, Killeens

Furlong, John, merchant tailor, Main st, s, Stone Brg. (see advt.)

Furlong, John, land, Pembroke st, n.

Furlong, Jos., land, Ferrybank, s

FURLONG, M. J. bookseller, etc., 16 Main street, s (see advt.)

Furlong, Mary, fishing-boat owner, William street

Furlong, M., greengrocer, Main st, s

Furlong, M., mason, Allen st

Furlong, Patrick, land, Colestown

Furlong, Patk., land, Rathdowney

Furlong, P., victualler, O. Market. Res—Carriggeen st

Furlong, Peter, land, Shilmalier Commons

Furlong, T. & Sons, victuallers, N. Market. Res—Duke street


GAFNEY, CECILIA, coal and iron merchant, 11 Commercial quay (see advt.)

Gahan, P., chandler, Allen st

Gainfort, Eliza, bootmaker, 73 Main street, n

Gainfort, Rd., saddler, Main st, n

GAINFORT, WILLIAM, draper, bookseller, etc., 29 Main street, n (see advt.)

Gainfort, W. jun.,29 Main street, n

Gas-house and office, Trinity st (Wexford Gas Consumers Co., Limited.)

Gaul, Jas., victualler, O. Market. Res.—John street

Gaul, Mary, eatinghouse, Main st, n

Gaul, N. and P., cattle dealers, John street

Gaul, S., eatinghouse, Main st, s

Gavan, Major James, Westlands

Geoghegan, Henry G., bookkeeper, George’s street

Geoghegan, Michael, ex R.I.C., William street

Gibson, William, Gibson street

Gladwin, Frances, organist. Res.—George’s street

Godfrey, Ed., bootmaker, Main st

Godkin, Sarah & Co., bakery etc., 51 Main street, n

Goodall, A. (H. M. Customs) William street

Goodwin, P., colour-sergt. W. M., Parnell street

Gorman, Jno., bootmkr, Main st, s

Gough, Mrs., greengrocer, Corn market

Graham, Joseph, clerk, George’s st

Granby, colour-sergeant W. M., Michael street

Green, John, J.P., prop. Independent; office Main street, n. Res—Mount Anna, Kyle

Greene, Rd., Junction Hotel, Commercial quay

Greene, Thos., bakery, Gibson st

Greig, G. R., law clk., George’s st


Hadden, Dr. D., physician to gaol. Res—Weston

HADDEN, W. & G., drapers etc., Main st, n (see advt.)

Haggerty, Jno., tailor, John street

Halpin, Edwin, chief clerk P. O. Res—Ram street

Hamilton, M., dressmaker, John st

Hamilton, P., nailor, Corn market

Hanlon, Ed., spirit dlr, Main st, s

Hanrahan, Ml., private school, Corn mkt. Res—Summerton

Hanrahan, Mary, millinery, etc., Corn market

Hanrahan, Patrick, Private School, Corn market. Res—Summerton Hanson, Jas., labourer, Faythe

Hanton, Peter, bookseller, stationer, etc., 3 Main street, n

Hanton, R. & J., post cars, John st

Hanway, D., hair dresser, Charlotte street

Hardcastle, Jno., spirit dealer, Main street, s

Harding, Rd., spirit dealer, Commercial quay

Harding, Thomas R., court keeper, Commercial quay

Harpur, James, land, Davidstown

Harpur, Jas., flour agent, Paul qy

HARPUR, MATTHEW, ironmongery, etc., 23 & 28 Main st, n (see advt.)

Harpur, Moses, iron store, Main st

HARPUR, THOS., grocer, maltster, etc., Main street, s, and Anne street. Res—Riverfield House (see advt.)

Harris & Conway, provisions, Main street, n

Harvey, Jos., sol, George’s street. Res—Wellington Cottage

Harvey, Wm. & Sons, victuallers, Old Market. Res—Stonebridge lane

Hawkes-Cornock, John, land, Cromwell’s Fort.

Hawkins, Ed., car driver, High st

Hawkins, Geo., light house keeper, Slaney st

Hawkins, Jere., green grocer, Main street, s

Hawkins, John, land, Castletown

Hayes, A., dress maker, John st

Hayes, Geo., bootmaker, John st.

Hayes, James, land, Park

Hayes, James, sen, victualler, Old Market. Res—Francis street

Hayes, James, jun, victualler, New Market. Res—Francis street

Hayes, John, cattle dealer, Rocks

Hayes, J., green grocer, Corn mkt

Hayes, J. & J., bootmakers, High st

Hayes, John, victualler, O Market. Res—John street

Hayes, Laurence, land, Newtown

Hayes, Matt., victualler, O Market. Res—John street

Hayes, Ml., green grocer, Corn mkt

Hayes, M., fishing boat owner, William street

Hayes, Peter, land, Ardcavan

Hayes, P., cattle dealer, Clifford st

Hayes, P., victualler, O Market. Res—Anne street

Hayes, Rd., grocer and painter, Main street, n

Hayes, Wm. J., grocer, Main st, s

Hendrick, Wm., tailor, Ram street

Hennessy, M. A., bank teller. Res—79 Main street, n

Henrick, John, law clk, Main st, s

Herbert, Captain F. B. (R.N.) Rose park

Higgins, H., coach builder, Allen st

HINTON, JOHN, auctioneer, etc., Red House, Custom House quay (see advt.)

Hoare, John, saddler, 46 Main st, s

Hogan, H., lodgings, Corn market

Hogan, H., sergt. Militia, barrack street

Hogan, H., tailor, Barrack street

Hogan, John F., chief clerk, I. R. office, Rowe st. Res—St. Aidan’s

Hogan, M., lodgings, Corn market

Holbrook, John, hair dresser, Main street, s

Holbrook, Margaret, stationer, etc., 5 Main street, n (see advt.)

Holbrook, Patrick, hairdresser, 5 Main street, n (see advt.)

Hopkins, James, smith, Monck st

Horan, Jas., spirit dealer, Commercial quay

Hore, Peter, provisions, Selskar st

Hore, Jas., bakery, 19 Main st, s

Hore, P., land, Windmill hill

Hore, Peter, Pres. Ship Carpenters Society, Selskar street

Hore, Rev. S., Franciscan convent

Hore, Wm., ship carpenter, High st

Hornick, R., flour agt, Wygram pl

Houghton, Wm., smith, Abbey st

Howlett, John, Priory place

HOWLIN, PATK., cabinet maker, etc., 24 High st (see advt.)

Howlin, P., Div. O.I.R. Res—Parnell street

Huggard, Martin, sol, Slaney st. Res—Tivoli terrace

Hughes, Ben., manager Independent, Main street, n

Hughes, Nat., house agent, Main street, n

Huson, N. E., Lt-Col, Springfield

Hutchinson, Thomas, shipowner, Henrietta street

Hyland, Fred., undertaker, Paradise row

HYNES, PATRICK, draper, &c., Bull ring (see advt.)


Irvine, C. D., Manager Provincial Bank, Commercial quay

Irvine, H. H., bank clerk. Res—Commercial quay

Irwin, John, Master U. Workhs’e

Irwin, W., Head Constable R.I.C., King street


Jacob, Geo. H., sol, Spa Well rd

Jeans, Mary, grocer, etc., Castle hill street

JEFFARES BROS., grocers, etc., 30 Main street, n, and Commercial quay (see advt.)

Jeffares, James (Jeffares Brothers).Res—Landscape

Jeffares, John, land, Ballyfinogue

Jeffares, Lett Sealy (Jeffares Bros), Res—Archerton

Jeffares, W. E., prof. of languages, Abbey street

Johnson, Mordecai, gen merchant, Commercial qy. Res—Rowe st

Johnson, Mrs., Park

Johnson, WilliaM., land, Forth Commons

Johnston, W., sergt W. M., Faythe

Jordan, D., dairy, King street

Joyce, Christina, draper, etc., 28 Main street, s

Joyce, Pk., draper, 8 Main st, n

Judges’ Lodgings, The Castle


Kane, John F. (J.P.) Saunderscourt

Kavanagh, Ed., High street

Kavanagh, C., draper, Main st, s

KAVANAGH, MICHL., P.S.C., insurance agent, etc., George street (see advt.

Kavanagh, N., grocer, etc., Bull rg

Kavanagh, Very Rev. Dr. Michael, President St Peter’s College

Kearns, Ed., provisions, Selskar st

Kearns, Pk., C.B.O., Charlotte st

Kearns, P., shipowner, etc, Paul qy

Keating, David, commercial traveller

Keating, Francis, land, Barntown

Keating, John (Brien & Keating), Main street, s

Keating, John, land, Davidstown

Keating, Pat, P.R.C., Prospect

Keeffe, M., Shilmalier Commons

Keeffe, Nicholas, ship-carpenter, Maudlintown

Keeffe, Wm., librarian, Mechanics’ Institute. Res—John st

Keegan, T., land, Barntown

Keelty, Jno., C.B.O., Corn market

Kehoe, D., eating-house, Charlotte street

Kehoe, Jno. J., draper, Main st, n

Kehoe, M., dressmaker, John st

Kehoe, Very Rev. P., Guardian Franciscan Convent

Kehoe, Wm., sailmaker, John st

Kellett, John, land, Belvidere

Kelly, Chas., tinsmith, Corn mkt

KELLY, J. J., auctioneer, etc., 50 Main st, s (see advt.)

Kelly, James, bakery, Main st, s

Kelly, J., railway clerk, Monck st

Kelly, James (late D. Faris) grocer, etc. (see advt.)

Kelly, Mary, Crown Hotel, Monck street

Kelly, M., land, Cromwell’s Fort

Kelly, Michael, grocer, etc., Selskar street

Kelly, Michael, smith, Selskar st

Kelly, P., draper, etc, 21 Main st, n

Kelly, P., ship-carpenter, Trinity st

Kelly, P,, law clerk, High street

Kelly, P., tinsmith, Castle street

Kelly, Rev. M., adM., Church of the Immaculate Conception, The Manse, School street

Kelly, W., bookkeeper, School st

Kenely, J., color sergt., W. M. Barracks

Kennedy, Jno., hairdrsr, Main st, s

Kennedy, M., provisions, Corn mkt

Kennedy, M., green grocer, Corn market

Kennedy, R. R. (R.M.), Spa Well road

Kenny, P., dealer in toys, etc., High st

Kenny, T., ordly r. clerk, W. M., Parnell street

Kensella, Jas., laborer, Gibson st

Kensella, Jno., carpenter, Corn market

Kerr, Ben., clerk, Selskar street

Kinseila, E., dressmkr, Corn mkt

Kinsella, Ed., grocer, etc., John’s gate street

Kinsella, J., builder, Corn market

Kirwan, Jas., porter, Gibson street

Kirwan, Jas., victualler, O. Market. Res—John street

Kirwan, James, jun., cattle dealer, Main street, n

Kirwan, John & James, victuallers, Old Market. Res—Mary street

Kirwan, J. & Son, victuallers, New Market

Kirwan, Jno., victualler, O. Market. Res—John street

Kirwan, L., victualler, Main st, n. Res—John street

Kirwan, L., victualler, Main st, s. Res—Bride street

Kirwan, P., jun., cattle dealer, John street

Kirwan, P. & T., victuallers, O. Market. Res—John’s gate st


LACY, JOSEPH, grocer and post car owner, 72 Main street, n. and Brentford pl. (see advt.)

Lacy, L., grocer, etc., Selskar st

Lacy, T., cork cutter, Allen street

Laffan, A., house agent, Monck st

L’Amie, F., master tailor, Monck street

L’Amie, Jun., law clerk, Monck st

Lambert, John, bakery, etc., 2 Main street, n

Lambert, N., Main street, s

LAMBERT, P. coal merchant, etc., Trinity street and Paul quay (see advt.)

Lambert, S., ship carpenter, Faythe

Larkin, J., cooper, Barrack street

Latham, Rev. James K., Rector. Res.—Spa Well road

Lawler, D., land, Holmestown little

Lawler, Rev. F., Franciscan convent

Lawler, W., cork cutter, 11 Main st., s. Res.—John st. (see advt.)

Leared, E. Y., bank clerk, Res—Clonard

Leared, N. B., land, Newbay

Leared, R. H., corn merchant, etc., Main st n. Res—Glenville

Leary, Henry, coach builder, Henrietta street (see advt.)

Leary, J., green grocer, Main st, n

Leary, T., baker (J.) Abbey street

Leary, T., cattle dealer, John street

Leary, M., dressmaker, Trinity st

LEE, Wm. B. draper, etc., 33 Main street, n. (see advt.)

Lennane, J., I. R. Supervisor. Res—Paul quay

LEVERETT & FRYE grocers, etc., 20 Main street, n. (see advt.)

Little, Simon, solicitor, George street. Res—Cullentra

Liverpool Steamer, George Carroll, Trinity street

Livesey, J. G., printer’s manager.Res—Main street, s

London and Newcastle Tea Co., 27 Main street, n

Lowe, Mary A., fruit, etc., Main street, s

Lucan, J., bootmaker, Main st, s

Lucan, M., law clerk, Rowe street

Lucan, T., bootmaker, Talbot st

Lucking, John, bootmaker, Main street, s

Lymbery, G., saddler, Main st., n

Lynch, L., clothes dealer, Corn market

Lyne, John, engineer, gas works. Res—Trinity street

Lyster, P., Div. O., I. R. Res.—Parnell street


Mackay, Alex. B., Editor Constitution, Main street, n

Mackay, Mrs., I. Prop. Constitution, Main street, n

Mackey, Mary, music school, George street

Macklin, J., ganger, Wellington place

M‘Auliffe, T., Sergeant Major W. M., Parnell street

M‘Cabe, Catherine, spirit dealer, Main street, s

M‘Cabe, Sarah, ex-photographer, High street

M‘Cabe, S., fruiterer, High street

M‘Carthy, Hugh, hotel manager, Main street, n

M‘Clean, James, mason, Abbey st

M‘Clean, John, plumber, High st

M‘Clean, M., painter, High street

M‘Clean, W. G., bank accountant. Res—Hayestown cottage

M‘Cleane, Michael, painter, etc., 12 Main street, s

M‘Clelland, W., sexton, Selskar and St. Iberius churches

M‘Cormack, John, fowl dealer, Mary street

M‘Cune, Rev. Mr., Presbyterian Minister, The Manse

M‘Donald, Marks, land, Killiane

M‘Donald, Rd., Inn, Ferrycarrig

M‘Donald, Richd., Granard villa

M‘Donald, Wm., spirit dlr., Faythe

M‘Evoy, James, master carpenter, Main street, s

M‘Evoy, Ml., Pat. and Charles, marble works, Abbey street

M‘Ginley, C., Prof., St. Peter’s College

M‘Grath, Jas., land, Ballygoman

M‘Grath, Jas., school master, U. Workhouse

M‘Grath, Wm., labourer, Main st, s

M‘GUIRE, HUGH, ship chandler, etc., Commercial quay (see advt.)

M‘Guire, Simon and Wm. (Hugh M‘Guire), Commercial quay

M‘Guire, Kate, lodgings, Corn mkt

M‘Kendry, J., color sergt., W. M. Barracks

M‘Kittrick, Alx., ganger, Slaney st

M‘Laughlin, J., sergt., W. M., Parnell street

M‘LAUGHLIN, W. A., draper, etc., 45 Main street, n (see advt.)

M‘Mahon, Mrs., saddlery, Charlotte st

M‘Mahon, Jas., Militia staff, Bride st

Macquillan, Jos., land, Clonard, gt

M‘Williams, Jas., ex R. I.C., Geo. st

Maddock, Mry., grocer, etc., Wygram place

Maddock, Patk., land, Killeens

Maddock, Thos., land, Davidstown

MALONE BROS., veterinary surgeons, Temperance row (see advt.)

Malone, Richard, V.S. (Malone Brothers), Temperance row

Malone, James, land, Coolcots

Malone, Jno., Trinity street

Malone, Jn., provisions, Main st, s

Malone, Peter, sailor, School st

Malone, Thos., law clerk, Newtown

Malone, W., retired V.S., Slaney st

Malone, William, Belvidere

Maloney, Rd., master tailor, Selskar

Manby, Geo., Mill road, iron wks

Mangan, Wm., Railway Station Master. Res.—Monck street

Mann, I. J. (C.E.)Rosslare Harbour. Res.—Summerton

Marlow, James, coal merchant, etc, Commercial quay (see advt.)

Marlow, M. A., dressmkr., Faythe

MARTIN, HARVEY H., Glasgow, boot warehouse, Main street, s (see advt.)

Martin, Henry A. (W. Walker and Son), 78 Main street, n

Martin, Ths., cattle dlr., Main st, s

Meadows, Henry L., clerk of Crown and Peace; office, Court house

Mellon, J. H., I. R. clerk. Res.—Main street, S.

Merryman, Ed., land, Shilmalier Commons

Merryman, N., land, Shilmalier Commons

Meyler, Greg., fitter, King street

Meyler, Ml., ship carpenter, Distillery road

Meyler, Pk., marine store, Temperance row

Mernagh, Jas., land, Ballyboggan

Moody, Wm., wood works, Rathaspeck

Moore, Jas., grocer, etc., Main st, n

Moran, Thomas, engine driver, Wellington place

Morris, James, land, Ballykillane

Morris, Jas., spirit dlr., Barrack st

Mulholland, D., paymaster sergt., W.M., Clonmel street

Mulholland Teresa, manager, Imperial hotel, Selskar street

Mulroney, Thos., painter, Monck st

Mulroney, Wm., painter, Abbey st

Muir, Geo. A., V.S., Farnogue ter

Murphy, Andrew, land, Newtown

Murphy Bros., painters, High st

Murphy, Catherine, grocer, etc., Main street, S

Murphy, Ed., land, Ballinacoolabeg

Murphy, Ed., Talbot street

Murphy, E. dressmker, Faythe

Murphy, Ellen, fruiterer, Row st

Murphy, Fr., grocer, etc., Faythe

Murphy, Jas., ship carpr., Bride st

Murphy, Jas., sea capt., Wm. st

Murphy, Jas., ship carpr., Trinity st

Murphy, J. & R., victuallers, Old market

Murphy, Jno., bootmaker, John st

Murphy, Jno., cabinetmkr., School street

Murphy, Jno., hair dresser, Commercial quay

Murphy, Jno., nailor, Common quay street

Murphy, Jn., ship carpr., Parnell st

Murphy, John, sol., Parnell st

Murphy, Laurence, High st

Murphy, L. J., sea capt., Wm. st

Murphy, Mark, R. O., Comrel. qy

Murphy, Martin, ship carpenter, Trinity place

Murphy, Matt. & N., victuallers, Old market. Res.—John street

Murphy, M., green grocer, Corn market

Murphy, Ml., water rate collector, Corn market.

Murphy, Nicholas, baker’s oven keeper, Keyser’s lane

Murphy, Nich., distillery clerk. Res.—King street

Murphy, Nich., sol., George street

Murphy, Owen, spirit dlr., Trinity street

Murphy, P. Sergt., drummer W.M., Ml. street

Murphy, Patrick, land, Newtown

Murphy, P., land, Shilmalier Commons

Murphy, Peter, engineer, etc., Crescent quay. Res.—King st

Murphy, Stephen, land, Tenacre

Murphy, P., carpenter, Talbot st

Murphy, P., marine stores, Main street, s

Murphy, P., sea capt., Crescent qy

Murphy, P., ship carpr., Faythe

Murphy, Rd., private school, School street

Murphy, S., ship carpr., King st

Murphy, Thos., cattle yard, Old pound

Murphy, W., bootmaker, Mary st

Murphy, Wm., bootmaker, Ram st


Neal, K., dressmkr., Byrne lane

Neill, Ellen, Shamrock hotel, Anne street

Neill, James, bootmaker, High st

Neill, Mary A., spirit dlr., Wm. st

Neill, Matt, mate, Fisher’s row

Neil, Nich., cattle dealer, John st

Nesbitt, R., sergt, W.M. Barrack

Nestor, Jas., Civil Bill O., Monck st

Newport, Thos., porter, Wm. st

Newton, Jas., ship carpr., Byrne’s lane

Nolan, Felix (Doyle and Nolan), Redmond place

Nolan, Pk., bootmaker, Geo. street

Nolan, Robt., law clerk, County Infirmary

North, P., ship carpr., Castle st

Norton, Fr., clerk, P.O., Selskar st

Nugent, Catherine, eating house, Main street, S

Nunn, J. L., sol., Slaney st., Res.—Cullentra


O’Connor, C., clerk, P.O., Parnell street

O’Connor, E., pres. bakers’ society, Res—Selskar street

O’Connor, Jas., clerk of Union. Res—Abbey street

O’Connor, J., grocer, etc., Custom house quay

O’Connor, Joseph, bakery, etc., 61 Main street

O’Connor, Mary, china and glass, 98 Main street, n

O’Connor, Mary, confr., Main st, s

O’Connor, Michael, provision warehouse, 101 Main st, n (see advt.)

O’Connor, M;. J., bakery, etc., 54 Main street, n

O’Connor, Mrs., builder, Selksar st

O’Connor, Rev. P., prof. St. Peter’s college

O’Connor, Rev. Thos., C.C., The Manse, School street

O’Dea, Ptk., ex-I.R.O., George st

O’Dell, Thomas, ex-R.I.C., Laurel hill

O’Dowd, Mary, proprietor Imperial hotel, Selskar street

O’DWYER, P. W., draper, etc., 67 Main st, n (Bull ring) (see advt.)

O’Flaherty, P. J., agent, Rowe st

O’Keefe Bros., corn merchts, etc., Faythe

O’Keefe, Thos. (O’Keefe Bros.) Res—Bettyville

O’Keefe, Wm. J. (O’Keefe Bros.) Res—Sununerhill

O’Keeffe, L., bakery, Main st, s

O’ Keeffe, Thos., grocer, etc., Commercial quay

O’Leary, Rev. P., Catholic chaplain Gaol and workhouse. Res—The Manse, School street

Oliver, Rev. J., Methodist minstr, Rowe street

O’Meara, Daniel, bootmaker, Main street, n

O’Neill, J., color-sergt., W. M., Trinity street

O’Reilly, Thos., draper, Main st, n


Parle, P., sergt., W. M., Barrack st

Peacocke, Chas. H. (J.P.) Belmont

Perceval, John J., Westgate

Perceval, The Misses, Seaview ho

Pettigrew, Thos., butter mercht., Main st, s. Res—Farnogue

Pettit, Andrew, land, Butlerstown

Pettit, Cath., dealer in groceries, High street

Pettit, John, grocer, etc., Main st, s

Pettit, Thos., corn mercht, Ml. st

Pierce, Edmund, land, Grange

Pierce, Jasper, grocer, etc., Main street, s (see advt.)

Pierce, John, Commercial quay

Pierce, Nicholas, land, Tenacre

PIERCE, PHILIP & CO., engineers, Mill rd Iron Works. (see descriptive)

Pierce, Philip & Martin (Philip Pierce & Co.) Res—Rowe st

Pierse, B., builder, Main street, s

Pierse, Dr. Thomas, George street

Pierse, F., druggist, 6 Main st, n

Pitt, John, porter, King street

Porter, Wm. (Somers & Porter), Bull ring

Post Office, Main st, s

Prendergast, James, Waterloo pl


Rackard, Rev. Geo., chaplain Loretta convent, William st

Radford, John, land, Ballinaclough

Radford, J., land, Gorteenminogue

Radford, J., saddler, C lonard

Reade, P., compositor, John st

Redmond, D., land, Waterloo rd

Redmond, Jas., mason, Barrack st

Redmond, John, fishing-boat owner, George street

Redmond, John, builder, George st

Redmond, L., ship carpr., William street

Redmond Monument, Redmond pl

Redmond, Moses, builder, High st

Redmond, Mrs. Eliza, Lancaster pl

Redmond, P., builder, Barrack st

Redmond, P., fishing-boat owner, George street

Redmond, Rev. D., C.C., Como lodge

REDMOND, THOS. S., Wexford tannery, School Street and High street. Res—Clarence house (see advt.)

Refreshment Rooms, Common quay street—E. M. Breen, matron

Reigh, Rd., ship carpen, Bride st

Reiley, T., post cars, John street

Reilly, Jas., smith, Fisher’s row

Reilly, John, dairy, etc., John st

Reilly, John, sea capt., Parnell st.

Reynolds, Jno., moulder, Johns-gate street

Richards, Chas. A., clerk, Patrick square

Richards, H. E., Div. O., I.R. Res—Patrick square

Richards, John, manager, Bishop’s Water Distillery

Richards, John, land, Carcur

Richards, R., cattle dealer, Carriggeen

RICHARDS, THOS. N., Watchmaker, etc., 57 Main street, north (see advt.)

Richards, Misses, Farnogue terrace

Richardson, J., sergeant, W. M., Ml. street

ROBINSON, MARY, confectioner and caterer, 34 Main street north (see advt.)

Robinson, Thos. W., 5 Monck st.

Robinson, Wm., John street

Roche, James, land, Littletown

Roche, Jno., post cars, Abbey st

Roche, Michael, post cars, Common quay street

Roche, Nicholas, land, Davidstown

Roche, Nicholas, Faythe

Roche, Nicholas, land, Park

Roche, Pk., retired corn merchant, Monck street

Roche, Rev. T. A., Professor, St. Peter’s College

Roche, R., bootmaker, Main st, s

Roche, Thos., land, Ballymorris

Roche, Very Rev. John, Franciscan Convent

Rochford, John, gr, &c., Main st, n

Rochford, John, land, Newtown

Rogers, Cameron, dentist, George’s street (see advt.)

Roice, John, land, Newtown

Ronan, P., leather store manager, King street

Ronan, William, boot maker, Main street, south

Rossiter, A. E., dress maker, Barrack street

Rossiter, Catherine, spirit dealer, Paul quay

Rossiter, Eliza & Anne, drapers, etc., Main street, south

Rossiter, John, land, Ballynaglough

Rossiter, L., clerk, Barrack street

Rossiter, L. (see C.Y.M.S., Castle st)

Rossiter, N., cattle dealer, Main street, north

Rossiter, Patrick. Allen street

Rossiter, Wm., land, Ballykillane

Rossiter, Wm., land, Newtown

ROSSITER, WILLIAM, nursery and seedsman, &c., 14 Main street north (see advt.)

Rourke, Ed., cattle dealer, Waterloo road

Rourke, Jas., cattle dealer, John street

Rourke, Mark, senr., cattle dealer, John street

Rourke, M., victualer, N. Market. Res—John street

Rourke, P. & Sons, victualers, N. Market. Res—Gibson st.

Rourke, T. & Son, victualers, N. Market. Res—John street

Rowe, Michael, Parnell street

Rowe, Pk., spirit dealer, Paul qy

Rowe, Thomas H., retired mill owner, Spa Well road

ROWE, HOWARD, miller, baker, etc., 63 Main street, south, and Anne st. Mills, Spa Well road (see advt.)

Rowe, Thomas, sailor, Faythe

Roycroft, A. (Armstrong & Roycroft), Main street, south

Ryan, Ed. Fitzgerald, ex-R.M., Alma

Ryan, E. K. (C.E.), Main street, north. Res—Alma

Ryan, Ed., fowl dealer, Bride st.

Ryan, Gerald O’B., sol, Town Clerk, Main street

Ryan, James N., High street

Ryan, John, draper, 74 Main st, north

Ryan, Michael, land, Ballyhit

RYAN, PATRICK (late Walpole & Co.), grocer, &c., West Gate (see advt.)

Ryan, P., gr., &c., Main st, s

Ryan, P., plumber, High street

Ryan, R. W., sol, George’s street

Rudd, William, High street


Salmon, M., sergt, R.I.C., High st

Sandwith, Miss, Selskar street

Scallon, B., matron, U. W’khouse

Scallan, Ed., tailor, Barrack st

Scallan, Nicholas, land, Slaney view

Scallan, Nicholas, Main street, n

Scallan, Thomas, St. Iberius

SCALLAN, Wm., grocer, etc., 26 Main street, n (see advt.)

Schreiber, Captain Ernest, Adjt., W. M., Barntown house

Scully, D., lath splitter, Waterloo road

Shanahan, Lizzie & Fanny, ladies’ school, High street

Shaw, M. & E., ladies’ school, Selskar street

SHAW, RICHD, cabinet maker, etc., 87 Main street, n (see advt.)

Sheridan, Rev. N. T., C.C., The Presbytery, Main street, south

Sheridan, Sergt. P., drill master, St. Peter’s college

Simmons, James, I. R. Collector; office, Rowe street. Res.—Spa Well road

Singer Sewg. M. Co. 31 Main st, n

Sinnott, C., furniture dealer, High street

Sinnott, Charlotte, draper, etc., Main street, s

Sinnott, Eliza, green grocer, Main street, s

Sinnott, F., land, Colestown

Sinnott, F., land, Main street

Sinnott, James, land, Littletown

Sinnott, James, land, Shilmalier Commons

Sinnott, J., cattle dealer, Carriggeen

Sinnott, John, land, Davidstown

SINNOTT J. & SONS, ironmongers, etc., Main street, n and s (see advt.)

Sinnott, James and Patrick (John Sinnott & Sons), Main st., n & s

Sinnott, M., grocer, Selskar street

Sinnott, Mary, provisions, Corn market

Sinnott, Matt., provisions, Selskar street

Sinnott, Matt, sailor, Ram street

Sinnott, William, land, Mulgannon

Sinnott, W., jun., land, Mulgannon

Smith, B., hawker, Faythe

Smith, Maria, hats, Corn market

Smith, Mary, milliner, etc., Main street, n

SOMERS & PORTER, provisions, etc., Bull ring (see advt.)

Somers, P. (Somers and Porter)

Somers, Matt., grocers, etc., Common quay street

Somerville, H. B., District Insp. R.I.C. Res—Farnogue terrace

Spain, A. P., bank clerk. Res—79 Main street, n

Sparrow, Robert, Ballintlea

Sparrow, R. J., dockyard manager. Res—Main street, n

Sparrow, Thomas, land, Shilmalier common

Stack, John, R.I.C., Parnell street

Stacpoole, C. H., bank clerk. Res.—Monck street

Stafford, James, bootmaker, Ram st

Stafford, J., clerk, Main street, s

Stafford, J., draper, 83 Main st, n

Stafford, John, grocer, etc., Charlotte street

Stafford, Jno., ship-carp, Coolcotts

Stafford, M., land, Ballykillane

Stafford, N., land, Ballykillane

Stafford, Peter, Faythe

Stafford, P., green grocer, Main st, s

Stafford, Robert, ald, Rockview

Stafford, R., sea capt, William st

Stafford, T., grocer, etc., 57 Main street, s

STAMP, JAMES, Ironmonger, etc., Main st., n. (see advt.)

Stamp, Syl., grocer, etc., 79 Main street, s

Stokes, C., Sergt., W. M., King st

Stone, F. R., sea capt., Parnell st

Storey, Wm., engineer’s foreman, High street

Sullivan, Catherine, spirit dealer, Commercial quay

Sutherland, Kate, ship hotel, Commercial quay

Sutton, John, bakery, Selskar st

Sutton, J., grocer, etc., Main st, s

Sutton, John, High street

Sutton, S. R. (Sarah Godkin and Co.), 51 Main street, n. Res.—2 Richmond terrace


Taylor, Charles, sol., High st. Res—The Castle

Taylor, C. W., George st

Taylor, Jas., ex-sergeant army, Wygram place

Temperance Hall, Temperance row

Tennant, F. P., pawnbkr, Main st, s

Tennant, Jno., pawnb., Main st, s

Tennant, N. W., pawnb., George st

THEATRE ROYAL, High street, seating capacity 800; proprietors, John Sinnott & Sons, Main street, north and south

Tholsel, Bull ring

Thomas, Geo., foreman smith, William street

THOMPSON BROS., engineers and contractors, Custom House quay (see advt. facing map)

Thompson, Wm. (Thompson Bros.) Res—Custom House quay

Thompson, Joseph S. (Thompson Bros.) Res—George street

THOMPSON, H. & Co., Irish Trade Protection office, Main st, n (see advt.)

Thompson, Henry (H. Thompson and Co.) Res—Melrose

TIMPSON, WILLIAM, watchmaker, jeweller, etc., 31 Main st, n (see advt.)

Tobin, Patrick, land, Barntown

Tomlinson, R., Tea Co.’s managr. Res—Patrick square

Toomey, Chas., fitter, Abbey st

Town Hall, Corn market

Trouton, Wm. J., agent, Bank of Ireland, Crescent quay

Tuohy, Jno., ex-R.I.C., William st

Turner, Edwd., J.P., Carcur House

Tyghe, John, marine store, etc., John street


Vicary, Jas. M., Registrar of Marriages, George street

Vicary, Rev. M., George street


Wadden, Jas., quarryman, Talbot st

Wade, Thos., steward P.Y.M.C.A. Main street, n

Wafer, Geo., mate, Main street

Walker, Col. C. S., Tykillen

Walker, Jno., rway fitter, High st

WALKER, W. & Son, grocers, etc., 78 Main street, n. (see advt.)

Walker, Robert D. (W. Walker & Son). Res—Hayestown

Walsh, Edward, proprietor People, Main street, s

WALSH & SON, auctioneers, Crescent quay (see advt.)

Walsh, John J. (Walsh and Son). Res—Fort view

WALSH, JASPER W., timber merchant, etc., Crescent quay. Res—Summer Hill (see advt.)

Walsh, John (Jasper W. Walsh). Res—Summer hill

Walsh, Jas., fruiterer, 10 Main st, n

Walsh, Jas., grocer, etc., Main st, s

Walsh, Jas., tailor, Faythe

Walsh, Jno., Charlotte st

Walsh, John, Ram street

Walsh, Jno., tailor, Abbey street

Walsh, Mary A. and Alice, fruiterers, 86 Main street, n

Walsh, Michael & Son, saddlers, Corn market

Walsh, Mrs., Carricklawn

Walsh, P. & Co., hardware, etc., 2 Rowe street (see advt.)

Walsh, P., fowl dealer, John st

Walsh, Pat, horse shoer, Temperance row

Walsh, Rd., draper, 25 Main st, n

Walsh, Rd., fish-boat onr, Faythe

Walsh, Thos., fowl dealer, John st

Walsh, Walter, land, Newtown

Warburton, Augustus, gov. gaol, Spa Well road

Warren, P., land, Whiterock, s

Warren, T., bootmaker, John st

Waters, J., baker, High street

Waters, R., color sergt. W. M., Michael street

Weaver, Fr., provisions, Main st, s

Webb, R. C., Medical hall, Main street, n. (see advt.).

Webster, H., grocer’s assistant, Monck street

Wethereld, Catherine, grocer, etc., 66 Main street, n

Wheelock, J., gunmaker, Main st, n

Whelan, Ed., law clerk, Faythe

Whelan, P., land, Knockeen

Whelan, P., laborer, Wygram place

White, Fred. W., bank clerk. Res—Parnell street

White, John, journalist, John’s gt st

White, Mark, land, Castletown

White, Martin, H.M. Customs, Anne street

White, M., distillery clerk. Res—Waterloo road

White, N., law clerk, Rowe street

Whitney, Thomas, engine driver, Abbey street

Whitty, Frank, cork cutter, Slippery green

Whitty, Mark, pawnbrk’s assistant, Abbey street

Whitty, Mk, seedsman’s assistant, Abbey street

Whitty, Mary, grocer, etc., Green st

Whitty, M., dressmaker, John st

WICKHAM, ML., Wexford Brewery, Main st, s, and Crescent quay. Res—Rockland Cottage. (see advt).

Wilde, S., ex-militia, High street

Wilkie, Geo., plumber, High street

Williams, B., draper’s manager, 22 Main street, s

Williams, James, cutter, Main st, s

Williams, John, ship smith, Wm. st

Williams, M., sea capt, Parnell st

Willis, T., color sergt, W. M. Bks

Windross, George, ex-inland R, Townparks

Windross, Jno., Windmill hill

WOOD, FRED., seed and manure merchant, and general printer, 1 Commercial quay (see advt).

Wright, Jane, lodgings, High street

Wynne, Henry E., sec grand jury; office, Court-house. Res—Richmond terrace

Y. M. C. A. house, Main street, n

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