William De Burgh, 3rd Earl of Ulster

De Burgh, William, 3rd Earl of Ulster, was born in 1312, and succeeded his grandfather in 1326. "He was murdered on 6th June 1333 by Robert FitzRichard Mandeville (who gave him the first wound) and others, his servants, near to the Fords, in going towards Carrickfergus, in the 21st year of his age, at the instigation it was said, of Gyle de Burgh, wife of Sir Richard Mandeville, in revenge for his having imprisoned her brother Walter and others." Three hundred of Sir R. Mandeville's followers were put to death for this murder. De Burgh married Maud, great-granddaughter of Henry III. His estates were seized by his relatives, a branch of the De Burghs, who abjured the English name, and adopted that of Mac William, assumed Irish dress and customs, and ruled over Connaught conjointly.


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