Rury Oge O'More

O'More, Rury Oge, a chieftain who carried on almost incessant warfare against the English settlers in Leix and Offaly in the 16th century. In 1576 we find him, in conjunction with Brian O'Conor, at the head of many hundred wood kerns, " desolating large portions of Leinster, Meath, and Fingall." After the massacre of Mullaghmast next year, in which numbers of his relatives perished, he was stirred up to still greater bitterness against the occupiers of the lands of his ancestors. In noticing his death in 1579, the Four Masters say: "This Rury was the head of the plunderers and insurgents of the men of Ireland in his time; and for a long time after his death no one was desirous to discharge one shot against the soldiers of the Crown."


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