Niall Glundubh

Niall Glundubh, Monarch of Ireland, 914 to 919, Lord of Aileach, a descendant of the preceding. In 910 he and the men of Aileach were defeated in a great battle at Crossakeel, in Meath, by Flann Sinna, In 914, on Flann's death, Niall assumed the supreme power, and in the summer of next year fought an indecisive battle against the Northmen, who had arrived in great numbers, and established themselves at Dublin and other seaports. In October 919 he fell in an encounter with them at Kilmashoge, near Rathfarnham; when they extended their plundering expeditions into all parts of the country. Niall's queen was Gormlaith [see GORMLAITH] "a very fair, virtuous, and learned damosell."


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