Milo De Cogan

De Cogan, Milo, was one of Nesta's grandsons who embarked in the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland. [See NESTA.] He was by Strongbow appointed governor of Dublin, and successfully defended it against the first attack of the Northmen. He married his cousin, a daughter of Robert FitzStephen. In 1177 he was by patent created "Lord of the moiety of the Kingdom of Cork." He and his son-in-law, Ralph FitzStephen, we are told by Cambrensis, "jointly governed the kingdom of Desmond in peace for five years, restraining by their prudence and moderation the unruly spirits of their young men on both sides." They were killed in 1182, in an engagement with MacTire, prince of Imokelly, as they were, with a party of knights, proceeding from Cork to Lismore, to hold conference with some of the people of Waterford.


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