Luke White

White, Luke, a noted Dublin bookseller and capitalist, was born in Ireland about the middle of the 18th century. He raised himself from the position of a book-hawker to that of a publisher in Dawson-street, saved money, is said to have been fortunate in lottery speculations (or, according to popular belief, found a large sum in notes in the cover of an old book), and was enabled to contract with the Government for the supply of loans. During the Union contest he is said to have contributed £3,000 to the bribery fund of the anti-unionists. He sat in the Imperial Parliament for Leitrim, and spent thousands in contesting seats in the Whig interest for members of his family. He bought Lord Carhampton's estate of Luttrelstown, near Lucan, which, as Woodlands, is occupied by his descendant Lord Annaly. Luke White died in London, 25th February 1824.


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