Lord William Blakeney

Blakeney, Lord William, a distinguished general, was born at Mountblakeney, County of Limerick, in 1672. He entered the army, and although admitted to be an officer of great merit, his professional advancement was long retarded. In 1745, his skilful and courageous defence of Stirling Castle against Prince Charles won general applause. Appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Minorca, he bravely but unsuccessfully defended it against an overwhelming French force under Marshal Richelieu, in April 1756. He had previously in vain notified the British Ministry of the defenceless state of the island. It was for ill-success in relieving Blakeney that Admiral Byng was shot next year. On his return to England, he was ennobled by George II. for his heroic conduct of the defence. He died in 1761, aged about 89.


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