John De Burgo

De Burgo, John, Rev., Vicar-Apostolic of Killala. He left Ireland in his youth, and served as an officer in the Austrian army. He afterwards entered the Church, and was appointed abbot of Clare, from 1647 to 1650 acting as Vicar-General of Killaloe. Three years later he was arrested by Cromwell's orders, and sent into banishment. He exercised clerical functions in France and Italy until 1671, when he was appointed Vicar-Apostolic of Killala, and returned to Ireland. In 1674 he was arrested on the charge of "bringing Protestants to the Catholic faith," "preaching perverse doctrine," and "remaining in the kingdom." After two years' imprisonment, having refused many offers of advancement if he would join the Established Church, he was sentenced to confiscation of his goods, and banished to the Continent. In compliance with a vow made while in confinement, he visited Palestine during his exile, and was captured by pirates and sold as a slave. He eventually found means to escape to Constantinople, and thence to Rome, where he ended his days.


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