George Cromer

Cromer, George, Archbishop of Armagh, described by Ware as "an Englishman of great gravity, learning, and a sweet disposition," was appointed to the see in 1522, and made Lord-Chancellor in 1532. He strenuously opposed Lord Thomas FitzGerald's rash insurrection — not hesitating to incur the young lord's displeasure by personal exhortations and advice. Archbishop Cromer denounced Henry VIII.'s decrees against the Church, and was removed from the Chancellorship. He collected his suffragans and the clergy of his diocese, and pronounced anathema against all who should fall away from their allegiance to the Pope. Nevertheless he appears to have taken this very course himself, for in 1539 he was suspended by the Holy See, and was again received into royal favour. He died 16th March 1542.


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