George Anne Bellamy

Bellamy, George Anne, an actress, born in Dublin, 23rd April 1731; illegitimate daughter of an Irish nobleman. The early part of her life was spent in a French convent. Having been renounced by her father, for keeping up an intimacy with her mother, she went on the stage at Covent Garden theatre, when but fourteen. After playing successfully in London, she removed to Dublin, where she was recognized by her father's sister, and introduced to good society. Though she attained to a high position in her profession, her extravagant and dissolute habits eventually reduced her to poverty, and she died in great distress at Edinburgh, 15th February 1788, aged 56. She had a fine expressive face, an animated manner, and a voice full of sweetness and eminently touching. Garrick describes her as "very beautiful, with her blue eyes, and very fair. . . I often saw her splendid state sedan-chair, with superb silver-lace liveries, waiting for her at the door of Liffey-street Catholic chapel."[3] Her Memoirs — a deplorable account of an ill-regulated life, devoid of general interest or value — are believed to have been written from her notes by Alexander Bicknell.


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