Cathal Crovderg O'Conor

O'Conor, Cathal Crovderg, Prince of Connaught, succeeded as head of the O'Conors on his brother Roderic's death in 1198. The early part of his reign was passed in contests with the Anglo-Normans and with his nephew Cathal Carrach, who at one time succeeded in expelling him from his territories. In 1201, however, Cathal Crovderg, with the assistance of the De Burghs, defeated and slew his nephew in battle near Boyle. On King John's arrival in Ireland, he paid him homage, and by the surrender of a portion of his territories, secured to himself a tolerably peaceful old age. He died in the abbey of Knockmoy (having assumed the habit of a Grey Friar) in 1224. The principal abode of the heads of the O'Conor family at this period was at Rathcroghan, near Tulsk, in the County of Roscommon. [His son Felim was confirmed in his estates by the King, whilst another Felim, a descendant, joined Edward Bruce, and fell in battle at Athlone, 16th August 1316.]


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