1st Theobald Walter Butler

Butler, 1st Theobald Walter, a descendant of one of the companions of the Conqueror, attended Henry II. to France in 1170, and accompanied him in his Irish expedition next year. On account of his services, large possessions were conferred upon him. He was, in 1177, as a mark of royal favour, made Chief-Butler of Ireland, with a perquisite of two tuns of wine out of every cargo of eighteen tuns or upwards breaking bulk in Ireland. [This right of prisage, as it was termed, was repurchased from the Butler family by the Government in 1810, for £216,000.] Carte cites some interesting charters from his hand. Besides Irish property, he possessed large estates in Norfolk and Suffolk. He founded abbeys and churches in several parts of Ireland and England. He died in 1206, and was buried at "Witheney," in the County of Limerick.


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