The Stone of Lough Nahanagan

Patrick Weston Joyce

Most people who have travelled through the County Wicklow, will know a small lake at the head of Glendasan near Glendalough, now called by the name of Lough Nahanagan, a corrupt form of the old name Loch na n-Onchon, the lake of the otters. There was formerly a stone standing in this lake, near the margin, which was in its way quite as easily irritated as the Well of Slieve Bloom (p. 58) but more easily appealed. If any person assaulted it by striking it with a stick or even the smallest cane, it resented the affront by bringing down a heavy shower of rain. But it seems to have resembled certain quicktempered people who are repentant and good-natured after the flash of temper has passed off; for the rain always ceased in a short time and was followed by clear skies and bright sunshine.