O’Mulville (No. 2.) family genealogy

Of Listowel, County Kerry

Arms: Same as “O’Mulville,” of Killowen, County Clare.

Barnaby, a brother of Daniel O’Mulvihill. who (see p. 242, Vol. I.) is No. 5 on the “O’Mulville” (of Killowen, county Clare) pedigree, was the ancestor of this branch of that family:

5. Barnaby O’Mulvihill (d. 1819): son of Lawrence; settled near Listowel, county Kerry, and had five sons:

  1. Patrick Mulvihill, of Shrone, of whom presently.
  2. Michael (d. 1869), was a man of good physique, great manly action, and a celebrated mathematician.
  3. Timothy.
  4. Maurice.
  5. John.

6. Patrick Mulvihill, of Shrone, Listowel (d. 1846): eldest son of Barnaby; was a man of fine physique and great strength. He mar. Mary dau. of Robert Walsh, of Coolnaleen, and had:

  1. Michael Walsh Mulville, of whom presently.
  2. Patrick Mulville, who was First Lieutenant in General Grant’s Army, during the late American Civil War.

7. Michael Walsh Mulville, of the Retired U. Civil Service, India: son of Patrick; Civil Engineer, living in Listowel in 1888; mar. Miss Dillon, dau. of Jeremiah Dillon of Janemount, Listowel, and had:

  1. Louisa, b. 1874.
  2. Cecil, b. 1877.
  3. Teresa, b. 1879.
  4. Elizabeth, b. 1884.