Milesian Irish Peerage

The following are the Milesian princes, lords, and chiefs, on whom peerages have been conferred by the sovereigns of England: The O’Neills, earls of Tyrone, barons of Dungannon, and (in modern times) viscounts and earls O’Neill, in Antrim; the O’Donnells, earls of Tirconnell; the MacDonnells, earls of Antrim; the Maguires, barons of Enniskillen; the O’Reillys, of Brefney; the Magenisses, viscounts of Iveagh, in the county Down; the O’Haras, barons of Tyrawley, and Kilmaine, in the county Mayo; the O’Dalys, barons of Dunsandle, in Galway; the O’Malones, barons of Sunderline, in Westmeath; the Foxes, barons of Kilcourcy, in King’s County and Westmeath; the O’Carrolls, barons of Ely, in King’s County and Tipperary; the MacMurroughs, in Carlow, barons of Balian; the MacGilpatricks or Fitzpatricks, barons of Gowran in Kilkenny, and earls of Upper Ossory, in the Queen’s County; the O’Dempseys, viscounts of Clanmaliere, and barons of Philipstown, in the King’s and Queen’s Counties; the O’Briens of Clare and Limerick, earls and marquises of Thomond, earls of Inchiquin, viscounts of Clare, etc.; the MacCarthys of Cork and Kerry, earls of Clancare and Clancarthy, and viscounts of Muskerry and Mountcashel; the O’Callaghans of ork and Tipperary, viscounts of Lismore, in Waterford; the O’Quinns of Clare, barons of Adare, and earls of Dunraven, in Limerick; and the O’Gradys of Clare and Limerick, viscounts of Guillamore; etc.