Descents from Magna Charta Barons

In June, a.d. 1215, the following twenty-five gentlemen, the most celebrated of their time, nearly all barons by tenure, were selected by one of their number to enforce the observance of the Magna Charta; and have since been known as the “Twenty-five Magna Charta Barons:”

1. William d’Albini, Sheriff of Warwick, etc., d. 1236.

2. Hugh Bigod, d. 1225.

3. Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, d. 1230.

4. Henry de Bohun, Earl of Hereford, d. 1220.

5. Gilbert de Clare, d. 1229.

6. Richard de Clare, Earl of Clare, d. 1218.

7. John Fitz-Robert, Lord of Horeford, county Norfolk, d. 1240.

8. Robert FitzWalter, of Dunmow, leader of the Barons, d. 1234.

9. William de Fortibus, Earl of Albemarle, d. 1241.

10. William de Hardell, Lord Mayor of London.

11. William de Huntingfield, Sheriff of Norfolk, etc., d. 125–.

12. John de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln, d. 1240.

13. William de Lanoullei, Governor of Colchester, d. 1217.

14. William Malet, Sheriff of Somerset, etc., d. s. p., m. 1224.

15. Geoffrey de Mandeville, Earl of Gloucester, d. s. p. 1219.

16. William Marshall, junr., Earl of Pembroke, d. s. p. 1231.

17. Richard de Montifichet, d. s. p., 1260.

18. Roger de Monthegon, d. s. p., 1225.

19. William de Mowbray, Governor of York, d. 1222.

20. Richard de Percy, d. s. p. 1244.

21. Soher de Quincy, Earl of Winchester, d. 1219.

22. Robert de Ros, Sheriff of Cumberland, etc., d. 1227.

23. Geoffrey de Say, Governor of Carlisle, d. 1230.

24. Robert de Vere, Earl of Oxford, d. 1221.

25. Eustace de Vesci, k. 1216.

26. Roger de Mowbray, brother to No. 19; substituted for No. 18.

Mr. C. H, Browning, of Philadelphia, U. S. A., the author of “Americans of Royal Descent,” deduces, as below, the descent of several prominent Irishmen directly from thirteen of these twenty-five celebrated barons, to wit, Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 21, 22, 24, and 25 (or from 13 of the 20 barons who had issue), in the above list, who, in turn, were related to nine of the remaining twelve, to wit, to Nos. 7, 8, 9, 15, 16, 17, 20, 23, and 26.—The information preserved of the remaining three (Nos. 10, 11, and 14), is too meagre and uncertain to be used, or available. It will be seen that No. 26 in the list has been substituted for No. 18.

Magna Charta Barons