Ludlow family genealogy

Of Ardsalla, County of Meath

Arms: A chevron between three foxes’ heads erased, sable. Crest: A lion rampant sable bezantée. Motto: Spero infestis, metuo secundis.

The ancient family of Ludlow derived its sirname from the town and castle of that name, in the co. Salop, England; and flourished there till the middle of the thirteenth century, when it ended in heiresses; and the castle and lands passed into the possession of Gilbert de Lacey, Lord of Trim and Ludlow (A.D. 1240), whose daughter married Peter de Geneva. (28 Hen. III.)

This Maud de Lacey had Ludlow castle for her portion, and married secondly, Geoffrey de Genneville, who died 20th October, 1314, leaving three sons, Peter, Geoffrey, and Simon. Peter de Geneville married Joan daughter of Hugh le Brun, and had Joan, married to Roger Mortimer, Earl of March (1326), through whom the representation of the Ludlows and other ancient families passed to the Lowthers, Clebornes, Middletons, and others derived from the marriage of Elizabeth Mortimer’s daughter (Elizabeth Percy) to John, seventh Lord Clifford, in 1437.

Another family, called Ludlow (from the town of that name) is said to have settled at Hill Deverill, in Wiltshire, about 1387, of which William Ludlow is said to have been the founder. From him descended:

1. Henry Ludlow, Knt., of Maiden Bradley, co. Wilts (b. 1587), who mar. Letitia, dau. of Thomas West, and had with two daughters:

  1. Edmund Ludlow, the “Regicide,” who died (without issue) in exile at Vevay, Switzerland, in 1693.
  2. Henry, of whom presently.

2. Henry Ludlow, Esq., mar. and had an only son:

3. Stephen Ludlow, a chancery clerk in Ireland, who held lands under the “Commission of Grace” (36 Chas. II.), and was “Granted” under the Williamite Confiscations. He died in 1721, leaving issue:

  1. Peter, of whom presently.
  2. William,[1] who mar. Catharine Stopford.
  3. Alice, mar. Francis Bernard.
  4. Arabella, mar. David Nixon.
  5. Elizabeth, m. John Rogerson, Esq.
  6. Francis, mar. Robert Leslie.

4. Peter Ludlow, of Meath, M.P., mar. Mary, dau. and heir of John Preston, Esq., of Ardsalla, and had issue:

  1. Peter, of whom presently.
  2. Alice, mar. to John Preston.
  3. Mary, mar. to Sir Robert Rich, of Waverley.

5. Peter Ludlow (b. 21st April, 1730, d. 1803), M.P. for Huntingdon; elevated to the Peerage of Ireland, 19th Dec., 1755, as “Baron Ludlow, of Ardsalla, co. Meath;” and was created “Earl of Ludlow,” 3rd Oct., 1760. He married 20th Jan., 1753, Frances, eldest daughter of Thomas, Earl of Scarborough, by whom he had issue:

  1. Augustus, his successor, b. 1st Jan., 1755, d. unm. 7th Nov., 1811.
  2. George-James, of whom presently.
  3. Frances-Maria.
  4. Anne-Barbara.
  5. Harriet.
  6. Charlotte.

6. George-James Ludlow, third Earl of Ludlow, b. 12th Dec., 1758.


[1] William: There are many families of this name in the Colonies, and in North America, some of whom claimed descent from this William, second son of Stephen Ludlow (d. A.D. 1721), but can show no proof of Pedigree nor of Arms.