Knights of St. George

In the reign of Edward the Fourth, the Knights or Brotherhood of St George (so called from their captain or chief commander being elected annually on St. George’s day) was instituted for the defence of the English Pale; and their force consisted of two hundred armed men, namely, 120 archers on horseback, with forty other horsemen, and forty pages. This fraternity of men-at-arms was, according to Sir John Davies and others, instituted A.D. 1475, and consisted of thirteen of the most noble and worthy persons in the four counties (Dublin, Louth, Meath, and Kildare) which, in general, constituted the Pale; but, after continuing for about twenty years, it was, A.D. 1495, suppressed in the reign of Henry the Seventh: the taxes levied for its support becoming obnoxious; and this military society not having accomplished the objects of its institution.