Book of Hy-Maine

(See Paper No. 25, Appendix I., p. 599, ante.)

The “Book of Hy-Maine,” which is marked “D. II. 1,” is one of the Ashburnam Irish Collection, lately deposited in the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin.

It is also called “The Book of the O’Kellys,” because it appears it was for them the book was compiled. The first twenty-three pages of it are gone, in which appeared the descendants of Maine; and some pages at the end of the volume are also lost. Folios 29 to 39 are also lost, as well as pages 44 to 47, and folios 58 to 65.

It contains the pedigrees of MacCathmhail (beginning with Eoghan), of Corcoran, MacAuley, Clan Colgan, Casey, Cullenan, Scanlan,Colman, Mescall, Lacey, etc.

For an account of the “Book of Hy-Maine,” see p. 120 of Part I., Vol. I. of the Transactions of the Iberno Celtic Society, one volume, quarto, Dublin, 1820.