Book of Armagh

The Book of Armagh, a MS. of the seventh century, on vellum, in Irish and Latin, contains a life of St. Patrick, and his Confession, or a sketch of his life written by himself; also a life of St Martin of Tours; a copy of the Gospels, and other matters. This book is mentioned by St. Bernard, in his life of St. Malachy, Archbishop of Armagh. It was a precious relic, preserved for ages in a silver shrine, which was lost; and in modern times it was contained in a case of leather of elegant workmanship. This venerable book was kept for many centuries in the family of MacMoyre, near Armagh, who was specially appointed for its stewardship; but, about the year 1680, it was taken to London by Florence MacMoyre, who, being in great poverty, sold it for £5 to a Mr. Brownlow. It was lately in the possession of a Rev. Mr. Brownlow of Dublin. An account of the Book of Armagh is given by Ware, Ussher, and Dr. O’Connor; and copious extracts from it have been translated and published in that learned work, the “Irish Antiquarian Researches,” by Sir William Betham.