Appendix I

The Extracts contained in this Appendix were in most part compiled from the Annotations of Connellan’s Four Masters. Those Annotations, according to Connellan, were enriched by valuable materials from the Library of the late Sir William Betham, Ulster King-of-Arms, himself an eminent antiquary and the liberal friend of Irish history and Irish literature; and compiled from the following sources:—Rerum Hibernicarum Scriptores Veteres, by the Rev. Dr. Charles O’Conor, who, as Librarian to the Duke of Buckingham, at Stowe, translated into Latin, and, A.D. 1824, published in that work with the original Irish, part of the Annals of the Four Masters, from the earliest period of Irish history down to the English invasion, A.D. 1172; the Dissertations of Charles O’Conor on the History of Ireland; O’Flaherty’s Ogygia; Vallancey’s Collectanea; the Histories of Ireland by Keating, O’Halloran, MacGeoghagan, and Thomas Moore; the works of Ware, Ussher, Colgan, De Burgo, and Lanigan; Harris’s Hibernia Anglicana; Pacata Hibernia; the History and Annals of Ireland by Cambrensis, Camden, Holinshed, Hanmer, Campion, Temple, Borlase, Curry, and Leland; State Papers, Public Records, Inquisitions, and Peerages: together with numerous Irish MSS., and many valuable documents in public and private collections.