O'Murphy (No.2) family genealogy

Of Ouleartleagh, County Wexford

Arms: Ar. an apple tree eradicated fructed ppr. on a chief vert a lion ramp. also gu. holding betw. the paws a garb or. Crest: On a chapeau gu. turned up erm. a lion ramp. also gu. holding betw. the paws a garb or. Motto: Fortis et hospitalis, over the motto—Vincere vel mori.

TEIGE, a brother of Donal Mór who is No. 124 on the "O'Murphy" (No. 1) pedigree, was the ancestor of this branch of that family:

124. Teige O'Morchoe, of Ouleartleagh, or "Fracht Lea," as it was sometimes called: son of Art.

125. Art Ruadh: his son; obtained a pardon A.D. 1551—5 Edward VI.

126. Hugh Ballach, of Ouleartleagh and Cooleknockmore: son of Art Ruadh.

127. Brian O'Morchoe, of Oulartleigh: his son; named in all the patents of his lands as "Brian MacHugh Ballagh" or Brian, son of "Freckled Hugh." Had a grant by patent, Anno 15 James I., of the lands of Oulartleigh More, Tenneberney, and Ballymabodagh, Cooleknockmore, Coolenaboy next Tomlean, and Kian, in the barony of Ballaghkeene, in the territory of the "Murrows," in co. Wexford. Made a deed of entail of these lands, in 1634.

He forfeited, after the rebellion of 1641, Oulartleigh and his other lands which were granted in trust for his son, to Richard Kenny, except Oulartleigh-beg which was granted to Richard Franklin under the Act of Settlement.

128. Art O'Morchoe of Oulartleigh: son of Brian; escaped the Cromwellian confiscations.

129. Daniel Morchoe of Oulartleigh; son of Art; named in chancery bill of 14th December, filed by his son Arthur Murphy, as "Daniel Murphy alias Morchoe;" succeeded to Oulartleigh, Tenneberney, and Ballynamodagh, under his grandfather's entail of 1634, as tenant for life. Will dated 26th May, 1679; died same year. Will proved in Ferns, 5th June, 1680; desired to be buried at Kilmallock: "Mr. John Dalton and well-beloved cousin Edward Kavangh of Borris (co. Carlow), to be his Executors and overseers."

The following are a few extracts from this Daniel's Will (of the 26th May, 1679):

"6thly. I leave fourtie pounds if any other children come to perfection of mine.

"9thly. I leave thirtie shillings to the Clercie (clergy) for my Soule, that is to say fifteen shillings to the Parish Priest, and the other fifteen shillings to the rest of the Clercie, as my overseers will order."

"I do leave a lease of 100 years upon Balliebudagh, Oullerleagh, and Tigebornin, to the within-named my daughter Bridget Murphie, for five pence an acre per annum, in raisance of the within-named my son Arte (or Arthur) Murphie should die without lawful issue, and if the said Ellinor should die without issue lawfully, I leave to my sonne John Murphie the afforesaid lease of the above-named townes and to his heirs lawfully begotten, and if the said John should die without lawful issue, I leave to my cousin James Keoghoe and to his heirs lawfully begotten. As witness my hand and seale, the 26th May, 1679.


"Witness being present:



This Daniel Morchoe had, also, a son George;[1] and another daughter Ellinor, to whom by his will he bequeathed £50.

130. Arthur Morchoe alias Murphy of Oulartleagh and of Ballycomin, co. Kilkenny: eldest son of Daniel; married, 1st, to Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Knox of Taguanon, county Wexford, by whom he had one child, a daughter Dorcas, from whom Baron Halsbury, Lord High Chancellor of England, is descended; 2nd, on the 17th April, 1704, to Elizabeth, dau. of William Turner, by whom he had eight sons and four daughters:

I. Daniel (of whom presently).

II. William, who succeeded to Oulartleigh.

III. Arthur.

IV. Thomas.

V. James.

VI. Francis.

VII. Henry.

VIII. Kenny.


I. Jane.

II. Elinor.

III. Lucy.

IV. Elizabeth.

Will dated 28th March, 1761; will proved in Ferns, by his son Thomas, 21st April, 1761; desired to be buried at Kilmallock, county Wexford.

131. Daniel Murphy of Oulartleigh: eldest son of Arthur; joined his father in levying a fine, but neglected to suffer a recovery; died in his father's lifetime in 1758, leaving an only child, a son James, who was an idiot from his birth, and who was born in 1740, and died, May, 1759, aged 19, when his uncle William, became his heir and successor to his estates.

132. William Murphy, brother of Daniel, succeeded said James, under the entail referred to in the Chancery Bill of 14th December, 1692; married Elizabeth, dau. of John Hawkins, Ulster King of Arms (marriage licence, 26th June, 1727), by whom he had two sons:

I. Arthur, who was his successor.

II. Carey, who had a fortune of £1,000 with his wife.

133. Arthur Murphy of Oulartleigh, born 1732: eldest son of William; Party to deeds of 13th and 14th June, 1758; Defendant in Chancery Bill of 23rd May, 1760; named in his grandfather's will; succeeded to Oulartleigh, Ballynamodagh, and Tinneberney, as heir of entail, under the deed of entail 1634. Will dated 19th August, 1789; proved 10th April, 1793; married Esther, dau. of John Pounden, Esq., of Enniscorthy (marriage licence 29th January, 1766), by whom he had two sons and three daughters:

I. Arthur, his successor.

II. William of Bloomfield.

I. Margaret.

II. Eleanor.

III. Charlotte.

134. Arthur Murphy of Oulartleigh: eldest son of Arthur; succeeded to Oulartleigh, Ballynamodagh and Tinneberney; named in his father's will; made a mortgage of his estate, 9th November, 1795; will dated 5th September, 1805; buried at Kilmallock, county Wexford; married Margaret, dau. of Rev. Shapland Swiney, Rector of Templeshambo, county Wexford (marriage; licence, 18th March, 1791), by whom he had one son and two daughters:

I. Arthur, his successor.

I. Katherine, wife of Robert Shaw.

II. Hester, wife of Henry Grattan Douglas, Esq., M.D., Surgeon to Louis Phillipe, King of the French.

135. Arthur Murphy, of Oulartleigh: only son of Arthur, inherited Oulartleigh, Ballynamodagh and Tinneberney; made a further mortgage of his estate 15th March, 1830; mortgages foreclosed in a suit of "Jane Cooke v. Arthur Murphy;" and by decree of the Court of Chancery, dated 26th November, 1839, and order of 7th December, 1840, estates sold 13th November, 1841. Died at Gorey, county Wexford, 21st August, 1867; buried at Monamolin, county Wexford; he married, 1st, Elizabeth, dau. of John Millet, Esq., of Lisinarta, county Tipperary, who died without issue; 2nd, Rebecca, dau. of Rev. John Bagwell Creagh, Rector of Rincurran, and Vicar of Carrig, county Cork (named in the "Royal descents," as 15th in descent from King Edward III.); marriage settlements, 20th February, 1834. By his second wife this Arthur had an only child, a son, Arthur-MacMurrogh.

136. Arthur MacMurrogh Murphy of Monamolin, co. Wexford, and Ailesbury Road, Dublin, and formerly of Oulartleigh, co. Wexford; born 4th January, 1835; and living in 1887; married Susan-Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Bradley, Esq., M.D., of Kellysgrange, county Kilkenny (married at Kells, November, 1863), by whom he has had three sons and four daughters:

I. Thomas-Arthur-MacMurrogh Murphy, born 22nd March, 1865; B.A., T.C.D.

II. Arthur-MacMurrogh Murphy, born 22nd September, 1866.

III. William-MacMurrogh Murphy, born 12th July, 1868.

I. Sophia-Rebecca MacMurrogh Murphy.

II. Gertrude-Susan MacMurrogh Murphy; d. 29th June, 1882; bur. at Mount Jerome, Dublin.

III. Edith MacMurrogh Murphy.

IV. Mary-Augusta MacMurrogh Murphy.

137. Thomas-Arthur MacMurrogh Murphy: eldest son of Arthur; a B.A. of T.C.D.; born, 1865, and living in 1887.


[1] George: Unless this George had died s.p. before his father's Will was made; or, that he died young, it appears strange that by the said Will the Estate should be leased to Bridget, in case her brother Arthur died without issue.