O'Mealla family genealogy

Arms: Same as those of "MacMorough."

GUAIRE, brother of Siolan who is No. 98 on the "MacMorough" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Meala; anglicised Mealla, O'Mealla, and Mill.

98. Guaire: son of Eoghan (or Owen).

99. Maolodhar: his son.

100. Foranan: his son.

101. Maolfothach: his son.

102. Cumeala ("mil," gen. "meala:" Irish, honey; Gr. "mel-i; Lat. "mel"): his son; a quo O'Meala.

103. Cu geilt [1] (geilt: Irish, "a person who inhabits woods"): his son; a quo O'Coillte; anglicised Kielty, Quilty, Galt, Wood, and Woods.

104. Dungall: his son.

105. Dunlong; his son.

106. Cathal: his son.

107. Cairbre O'Mealla: his son.


[1] Geilt: This word, according to O'Brien's Dictionary, originally meant "a wild man or woman,"one that inhabits woods or deserts (coill and coillte: Irish, "woods" Welsh, guylht, "a wild man," and gelhtydh, "wood"). Compare the Irish words geilt and coillte, and the Latin Celtae, with the Hebrew word celat, "refuge;' for the Celtae frequented woods and groves, either for their places of refuge and residence, or to perform their religious rites and other ceremonies.—See TACITUS, De Morib. Germ., and CAESAR Commentar.