O'Gorman (No.2) family genealogy

Of Monamore, County Clare

Arms: Same as "O'Gorman" (No. 1).

CONBHACH, a younger brother of Dermod who is No. 124 on the (No.1) "O'Gorman" (Chiefs of Ibrickan) pedigree, was the ancestor of this family.

124. Conbhach: son of John. Had three sons—1. Melaghlin, 2. Dermod, 3. Donal; from whom, respectively, sprung the three houses of Cahir Morogher, Drumelie, and Tullychrin—all in the county Clare.

125. Melaghlin: his eldest son; m. a daughter of Roger O'Dea, of Tullydea (brother of Cornelius O'Dea, 15th Bishop of Limerick).

126. Donal: his son.

127. Melaghlin: his son; married Anne, dau. of Maccon MacNamara of Clancuillen.

128. Melaghlin: his son; m. dau. of Terence MacMahon, lord of Corca Baiscind.

129. Donal: his son; m. dau. of MacMahon of Moyarta and Clonderla, in county Clare; built the castle of Morroghee.

130. Donus (or Daniel): his son; m. daughter of Richard Gallery of Cregbrien, sirnamed "The Hospitable."

131. Mathew: his son; m. dau. of MacMahon, of Doonbeg, near Kilkee. His brother Bonaventure was Abbot of Quin, in county Clare. Another brother Denis was Captain in the Confederate Armies against Cromwell; and (see Brodinus, p. 712) suffered martyrdom for his faith, in 1652.

132. Melaghlin: his son; married Jane, dau. of Richard Harold, of Ennis; distinguished himself in the Battles of the Boyne and Aughrim (1689). His son Loghlin Oge went to England with his kinsman Sir Donough O'Brien: this Loghlan held a commission in the Irish Army and also distinguished himself in the Battle of Aughrim. Thomas O'Gorman, of Inchiquin, brother of Melaghlin, left Ireland at this time and settled in France, at Tonnerre, in Burgundy; his grandson, the Chevalier O'Gorman, m. Marguerite d'Eon de Beaumont.

133. Donus (or Daniel): son of Melaghlin; m. Mary, daughter of Stephen Roche.

134. James: his son; born 1688, in the castle of Bunratty, co. Clare, and d. 1736; went in 1724 to live at Limerick. He married Christina (d. 1764), third dau. of Thomas Harold and Alicia Enright, and had four children, who were protected by their maternal uncle Lawrence Harold. The four children were—1. John, d. 1750; 2. Thomas; 3. Michael, m. Rebecca Stackpoole, but died 1818 s.p.; 4. Christina, m. William Wall and had two children—Thomas, and Christina, who m. a Mr. Stirling and had one daughter Christina.

135. Thomas: second son of James; b. 1724; went to England in 1747, and in 1764 m. Alicia, eldest dau. of Edmond Sexton and Alicia Nihell, and by her had fourteen children: I. Edmond-Sexton, born 1810.

I. Edmond-Sexton O'Gorman, b. 1810; Married Dorothy Munkhouse of Winton Hall, Kirby Stephen, Westmoreland, and at his marriage added the name Munkhouse to his own (O'Gorman Munkhouse). He lived in Switzerland, in the Chateau de Müncingen, and had five children: 1. Dorothy, died. 2. Thomas, died. 3. Jane. 4. Anna, m. to Amédée de Watteville, and (up to 1880) had six children (she, at her marriage, added her maiden name to her husband's; her children are de Watteville O'Gorman). 5. Edmund Munkhouse; two children.

II. Thomas-Harold, died 1880.

III. James, died.

IV. Michael-Arthur, who is No. 136 infra.

V. William, died unm. 26th Dec., 1857; buried at Chelsea.

VI. and VII. Twins: Sylvester, died 1777; Charles, 1778.

VIII. James-Denis, died at Limerick, 1797.

IX. Charles-Thaddeus, born 27th May, 1785, and died 23rd Sept. 1853. Was appointed consul-general of Mexico in 1826; m. Anita Noriego y Vicario (sister of the Marchioness di Vivanco, and General Moran), and had seven children: 1. John, born 1827; married his cousin Anita Santiago Moreno. 2. Eustace-Harrold. 3. Miguel. 4. Francis. 5. Anita. 6. Teresa. 7. Maria, died 1869.

X. George, m. Elizabeth Barry, and had one son—George, who died without issue.

XI. Catherine, died 1771.

XII. Alicia, died unmarried 3rd August, 1846.

XIII. Maria-Christina, m. James Tobin of Cumsinagh, Chevalier de St. Louis, commandant du Chateau de Nantes, and had served for many years in the Irish Brigade in his cousin Victe. Walsh de Serrant's Regiment. She had five children: 1. Alicia, died 1874. 2. Maria. 3. Edmond, died. 4. James, married Irmenilde, dau. of Colonel d'Almaida-Allen, and had a son in the "Garde Imperiale"—James. 5. Emily, died at Nantes, 1871.

XIV. Margaret, d. in a convent at Liege.

136. Michael-Arthur: fourth son of Thomas; m. in 1810, Miss Chare, and by her (who died 1821) had six children:

I. Michael-Harold, b. 12th Jan., 1817, died 1840, serving in the French Army against the Arabs in Algeria.

II. Edmond-Anthony, No. 137 on this pedigree.

III. Maria Christina, born 11th December, 1811.

IV. Catherine-Lutetia, born 30th March, 1814.

V. Mary-Emily, born 1818; m. William Garrett Roope, and had one son William, ordained priest in 1871.

VI. Louisa, died an infant, 1816.

137. Edmond-Anthony O'Gorman, of Monamore, county Clare: second son of Michael-Arthur; b. 6th Oct., 1820, and living in 1881. He m. in Jan., 1856, Sophia Pereira (who died October, 1863), and by her had five children:

I. Joseph-Vincent, born 21st May, 1857; made his vows in the Society of Jesus, in London, July, 1877.

II. Francis-Edmond, born 17th November, 1859.

III. Ignatius-Thomas, born 31st July, 1860; in the Society of Jesus, 7th September, 1880.

IV. Mary-Alicia, d. an infant 1871.

V. Mary, born 11th Oct., 1863.

In 1865 he m. Ellen, daughter of Capt. Edward Whyte, R.N., of Loughbrickland, and by her (who died in Nov., 1867) had one son:

VI. Edmond-John Whyte.

In 1871 he m. Margaret Barclay, eldest daughter of Mervyn Archdall Nott Crawford (see the "Crawford" pedigree), of Millwood, county Fermanagh, and by her had three children:

VII. Mervyn Archdall, born 19th December, 1871.

VIII. Cecil Carleton Crawford, born 6th April, 1873.

IX. Bernardine Beauchamp-Colclough, born 1st Nov., 1874.