O'Connor (No.6) family genealogy

Of Moy Ith, County Donegal

Arms: Same as "O'Cahan" (No. 1.)

DERMOD, brother of Gruagan who is No. 97 on the "O'Cahan" pedigree, was the ancestor [1] of O'Connor, of Moy Ith, in the barony of Raphoe, and county Donegal.

97. Dermod: son of Connor.

98. Baoghal O'Connor: his son; first of the family who assumed this sirname.

99. Carlan ("an:" Irish, one who; "carla," a wool-comb): his son; a quo O'Carlain, anglicised Carlin, Carolan, and Kerlin.

100. Maoldun: his son.

101. Aongus: his son.

102. Rory: his son.

103. Aodh (or Hugh): his son.

104. Maolruanaidh [mulroona]: his son.

105. Aodh (2): his son.

106. Maolruanaidh O'Connor, of Magh [Moy] Ith: his son.


[1] Ancestor: Other genealogists state that the ancestor of this family was Moroch, son of Longseach, son of Flaitheartach, who was brother of Dermod O'Cahan, No. 101 on the "O'Cahan" (No. 1) pedigree.