O'Brassil family genealogy

Arms: Gu. a lion pass. guard. or.

FIACHRACH CASAN, younger brother of Rocadh, who is No. 86 on the "O'Hart" pedigree, was the ancestor of Clann Brassil; a quo O'Brassil, in the county Armagh, and, some say, the name of the Empire of "Brazil," in South America.

86. Fiachra Casan ("cas:" Irish, means or income, and "an,'' one who; or "casan" means a pathway): son of Colla-da-Crioch; a quo O'Casain, anglicised Cashin.

87. Felim: his son.

88. Tuathal Cruinnbheul ("cruinn-beul:" Irish, a gathered mouth): his son; a quo O'Beil.[1] Had a brother named Breasal, and another named Feig: This Feig was the ancestor of O'Hanlon.

89. Colcan: son of Tuathal Cruinnbheul; had a brother named Sacan ("sacan:" Irish, a short corpulent man), literally "a little sack."

90. Aongus: son of Colcan; had six brothers—1. St. Baodan (5th February). 2. Saraan, whose three sons were, St. Ronan Fionn, St. Beican (l7th August), and St. Cearnach (16th May). 2. Hugh, from whom were descended St. Cobhthach, St. Libren (11th March), St. Tuoa (virgin), St. Maimon, bishop (18th Dec.), a quo "Kilmainham," near Dublin. 4. Maignan ("maignan:" Irish, one with a proud gait), a quo O'Maignan, anglicised Magnan and Mangan: this Maignan was ancestor of O'Mooney, of Ulster. 5. Lamhan. 6. Firbis, who was the ancestor of O'Connor of Ulster.

91. Diceilidh: son of Aongus.

92. Ultan: his son.

93. Cuanach ("cuan:" Irish, coast): his son; a quo O'Cuanaigh, anglicised Cooney (of Clanbrassil), and Quiney.

94. Inreactha: his son.

95. Donoch: his son.

96. Dalgan: his son; had a brother named Maolmocheirigh ("moch:" Irish, early; "eirigh," to rise), a quo O'Maolmochheirghe, of Orgiall.—See No. 100 on the "Donnellan" of Connaught pedigree, for the derivation and present anglicised forms of this Irish sirname.

97. Cearnach: son of Dalgan.

98. Gairbiadh: his son; had a brother named Dubhculin, who was the ancestor of McGrath, of Ulster.

99. Longseach: son of Gairbiadh.

100. Conamhail: his son.

101. Aodh: his son.

102. Breasal: his son; a quo O'Brassil West.


[1] O'Beil: The sirnames Bale and Bell are considered anglicised forms of this sirname.