Night family genealogy

Arms (of MacNight): Sa. three lions' heads erased or.

FEARGAL, a brother of Charles who is No. 111 on the "O'Reilly" (Princes of East Brefney) pedigree, was the ancestor of Mac-na-Hoidhche [macna-heeha]; anglicised MacNight, Night, and McNeight.

111. Feargal: son of Gothfrith.

112. Cathal Dubh: his son.

113. Gothfrith ("goth:" Irish, straight; "frith," small): his son; a quo MacGothfrith (meaning "the son of the small straight man"), of Brefney, and anglicised MacGuthrie, Maguthrie, Guthrie, and Godfrey.

114. Muirceartach: his son.

115. Feargal: his son.

116. Donchadh: his son.

117. Niall MacNight (who was also called Niall Guthrie): his son.