New Settlers in Tirconnell

Or Donegal

ON the confiscation of Tirconnell, and the settlement of British colonies called the "Plantation of Ulster," in the reign of King James the First, the following families are, in Pynnar's Survey, A.D. 1619, given as the possessors of Donegal:—John Murray got all Boylagh and Banagh. The following had various districts:—Captain Thomas Dutton, Alexander Cunningham (or Conyngham), John Cunningham, James Cunningham, Cuthbert Cunningham, Sir James Cunningham, James MacCullagh; William Stewart, the Laird of Dunduff; Alexander MacAwley, alias Stewart; the Laird of Lusse, Sir John Stewart, Peter Benson, William Wilson, Thomas Davis, Captain Mansfield, Sir John Kingsmill, Sir Ralph Bingley, Sir Thomas Coach, Sir George Marburie, Sir William Stewart, Sir Basil Brooke, Sir Thomas Chichester, Sir John Vaughan, John Wray, Arthur Terrie, Captain Henry Hart, Captain Paul Gore Nathaniel Rowley, William Lynn, and Captain Sandford.